My First Kilt

In the 1950's we lived in a Welsh village in the Rhonda valleys.  At a St David's day concert the girls in our school had to dress in a Welsh costume and the boys in a kilt; we were quite poor in those days and kilts were very expensive, so Mum asked my sister, Megan, if I could borrow her tartan skirt.  She agreed, but suggested I wear a pair of her school knickers to go with it and a petticoat underneath. I was 15 at the time and Megan was 14 and a bit shorter, so her skirt was quite a bit shorter than a boy's kilt. On the day of the concert, Mum dressed me in first the knickers, which were navy blue, and then the white petticoat that made the skirt flare out; then I wore white knee length socks with black Mary Jane shoes an Megan's school blazer that had her name written on it.  I looked more like a schoolgirl than a Welsh boy in a kilt, but the day went well and I enjoyed it
After the holiday, Mum said that as I looked so nice in my kilt that it would be best if I wore it to school and at home everyday, so she took me to a store and bought me my own tartan skirt, petticoats and knickers, but I am sure she bought me one that was smaller in size, as it looked a lot shorter, and the knickers seemed tighter on the leg openings; but Mum said they were fine, and to get used to them, as these were the clothes I would be wearing from now on. As Mum had given away to charity all my normal clothes, I had no choice but to wear what I believed to be little girls' clothes. 

One day, after Mum had put my hair into curls, I was convinced she was turning me into a little girl, and I'm sure when she called me in she said Danella instead of Danny.  As we were passing this children's shop, she saw this pretty pink lace party dress in the window and wondered what size it was, saying that I would look so sweet in it - she took me in to ask about it.  They said it was for a girl aged eight and came with matching panties...

She told the assistant, "Oh, that's lovely - it's for my little girl here.  Can I try it on her?  I did so and it fit perfectly, so Mum bought it. When we got home, Mum said to look out the window, that she had a surprise for me.  There on the patio was a doll's pram with a new doll in it.

So I was right:  Mum was turning me into a little girl.  Then she asked me why didn't I call on the other little girls in the street and ask them to come and play with my dolly with me. Will Mum succeed in turning me into a little girl?


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