My father owned a  store in the 1950's and early 60's that carried a variety of things like hardware, toys, school/office supplies, candy, and clothing for the whole family.  I don't remember racks of net and full petticoats, but he did carry stiff, noisy paper nylon petticoats most were in boxes. 
He sold the store in 1962 and we moved, I was only twelve when we moved, but it was such a fantasy to be able to go over to the store when closed and have a try-on session and frolic around in those petticoats.  Even today, I still dream of that, alas it was never possible in real life, being a youngster and so closely watched.  Interestingly, several of my friends dressed as girls for Halloween and my sister wanted to "dress me up" as well, but I never went along with it.  To my friends it was more of a joke thing, but it was a far more serious thing to me. 

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