Rachel reflects...on her farm days


I'm not sure how it happened. Maybe it was the fact that I had no brothers growing up and that my father passed

I was a small fifteen year boy that grew up in a house hold with three older sisters. Due to circumstances,  I went to spend the summer helping my recently divorced aunt take care of a small farm that was now hers. The second evening I was there we had just finished dinner, and my aunt was busying cleaning up the kitchen. She always wore a skirt and blouse protected by a pretty apron. With nothing better to do I asked if I could help. She said she was happy for the help, but I would need to wear an apron so not to get any thing on my clothes. She handed me a pink pinafore style apron with a full skirt and long ties and helped me put it on properly. She tied the long wide ties into a very pretty bow. When we finished, my aunt said we were done and could take off our aprons. I paused, and asked her if it would be all right to keep mine on, as I liked the feeling of the full skirt. Growing up with three sisters I had always had a desire to try on their clothes, but was afraid of getting caught. My aunt said it would be all right and in the morning she would have a surprise for me.


The next morning my aunt greeted me and said she had just filled the bath tub and wanted me to take a bath before she gave me the surprise. The tub was filled with perfumed bath salts and I found myself really enjoying it. When finished I put my robe on and started back to my bedroom when my aunt called for me to come into her room. There I saw several full skirts, pretty blouses, and two beautiful petticoats. She looked at me and said it was fine if I  wanted to dress as a girl to help her around the house. All the times I had secretly wanted to try my sister's clothes on came out at once. We spent the morning getting me into panties, garter belt, nylons, bra, blouse, and the fullest petticoat I had ever seen under my new full skirt. I could not believe the wonderful feeling as the petticoat moved against my legs as we went down stairs to the kitchen. My aunt helped me back into my pinafore apron and we began making breakfast.


What a wonderful summer I had helping my aunt dressed as he daughter. I still love the feel of petticoats todaym and have several that I enjoy wearing. 

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