Joe A. writes this for a shy friend

I am writing this for a friend. He related this story to me a couple of days ago. He was very surprised when I told him about “Pettipond”, as frankly he thought his admiration of petticoats was unique to him. However he agreed that I could tell you his little story, as he feels uncomfortable writing directly.

He is an old friend, and as we are both in our late sixties, we were discussing our youth. I mentioned  that I regret we were too young to  really enjoy the fifties fashions, something that I loved, then he replied how he also loved those full petticoats from the 1950s, and proceeded to tell me this little story. I will re-tell it  as he told me.

I was  13 years old in 1961, and I lived a few doors away from a cousin. She was 15 and rather pretty. She was a regular visitor, and  when she did, I enjoyed glancing at her pretty, slim legs, especially as she wore these nylons petticoats beneath her dress. Perhaps because it was “underwear” that it was so exciting to see. She had one particular petticoat she wore regularly, and I  found it difficult not to stare at the edge of the frilly pink nylon net when it became visible, something she very soon became aware of. 

One afternoon I was at her house.  I was sitting on the couch having some cake when she  suddenly said the most extraordinary thing. She said that as it was my birthday, would I like her to show me her petticoat?  I went bright red, and she said she knew I liked it as I was always staring at it! 

When I recovered, she laughed and told me to  close my eyes  and not to peek. Now I really had no idea what she was going to do, as she was wearing  slacks and a tee-shirt, no skirt, but I did close them and after about half a minute, there was a rustling sound, and I felt something light and a little scratchy falling onto my lap and arms. I opened my eyes and saw she had dropped her “cancan petticoat” onto me.  My arms  were buried under a delightful mound of frilly pink net! I spent a minute or two  “Playing” with the swirls  of frills and net before she took the petticoat away! 

She always smiled about our little secret, but she never treated me again!

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