I love to wear petticoats, and have a whole closet filled with petticoats. I dress in them almost everyday.
As I related in my First Encounter, I am now married to my girlfriend from the seventh grade, and Betty is a very loving wife. But she has found a new way to humiliate me by modeling petticoats for her friends:


Just a few days ago she told me that she had a friend that sews and that she was making petticoats to sell at the local flea market. She told me that her friend needed a model to work with her and that she had told her I would work for her as one. On the opening day of Shirley's shop at the flea market, I was told to take a bath and meet my wife in the bedroom. After
my bath I went there and was dressed in a pair of hot pink panties and bra set and a corset that was tied in the back and made very tight around my waist - the petticoats were seven layers and I wore a square dancing dress that was pink and white, and Mary Jane's with socks that had little ribbon on the cuff. My wife drove me to the flea market; I had to walk about 100 yards from the car and into Shirley's booth. I got snickers all the way from men and women. In the booth, I had to twirl around and show off the petticoats that Shirley made by hand. She also sold bloomers and I had to model them also.  I did see a couple of guys and women from where I work. Needless to say, on Monday I was laughed at and called 'sweetie' by those men and women. One guy ask me how it felt to wear women's clothes (I think he already knew). He also asked if there was some place his wife could pick up a couple of petticoats.
I loved wearing the petticoats and will love modeling them as long as Shirley has her shop.

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