Miss Raquel - "Maid of Honor"

Some years back a dear friend of my girlfriend and I got married. She asked us both to be in the wedding;
my girlfriend as a bridesmaid, me as the maid of honor.
I was honored and took the role seriously. I went with the bride to pick out her dress. I went with the bridesmaids when they picked out their dresses. As a joke, I tried on a dress. I wore a suit but carried flowers.
I hosted the bridal shower. I helped the bride get dressed. I helped the bride into the car, assisted with her train and veil. At the altar, I got her train and veil organized and  held her flowers. The most slightly embarrassing part was carrying a purse that held spare stockings, a sewing kit, and the bride's makeup.
But...after the reception, my girlfriend took full note of the perfect maid of honor I had been. It only took minutes before she had me in her lingerie, crinoline and dress. A few more minutes, she added lipstick, blush and mascara. I pampered her in ways I cannot write about, but that pampering vastly exceeded anything I had done for the bride! We had an absolute blast. I felt wonderful in her clothes. Over the years, she became more dominant; I became more submissive, and wore pretty things, with an emphasis on petticoats and crinolines - it has become a part of our lives together.


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