Sandie Lee reflects on her special white Halloween


I’m 60 and love wedding gowns with many, many full wedding crinolines underneath. I now have three dresses, but with my wife being home all the time I don’t have the opportunity to wear them. Back in the early 1980’s I obtained my sis-in-laws wedding dress without her permission or knowledge, but that’s another story.

Anyways it was so beautiful, white taffeta and very full.  Couldn't help myself, I wanted to wear her dress so awfully much. So around Halloween time I wanted to wear her dress so bad. But since my wife knows but doesn’t approve of my cross-dressing I was beside myself on how can I wear her wedding dress. Well after a few beers (caution to the wind) and my wife going to bed for the night, I brought out her dress from my hiding spot. Also had her half-slip that she wore with the dress and two very full crinolines I had bought at garage sales.  After making sure my wife was sleeping, I carefully put on her half-slip, crinolines and finally her dress. I felt wonderful. Again with my “do anything” alcohol nerve running extra strong, I decided to jump in my car and go for a drive.

Well my drive took me to my in-laws house. Once there I went and knocked on their door. Well you can imagine what a surprise to them when they opened their door and I’m standing there in a wedding gown. In hindsight, I wish I didn’t go there, but I have to say I truly enjoyed the experience. Anyway they let me in and started telling me that I shouldn't be doing this (They knew about me cross-dressing). And when I told them I had their other daughter's wedding dress on, they were at a lost as to what to say, other than I should take it off and give it back. I finally took a two-hour nap on their couch, and then went back home. Once home, i put her dress, slip and my crinolines back into hiding.  There were a lot of problems after I pulled this stunt, but like I said I really enjoyed doing it

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