The Lennon Sisters of

Some enlargeable


 John N. has provided some nice pictures of the Lennon Sisters

For you youngins',this singing group was quite popular during The Era on The Lawrence Welk Show; favored by US because of the lovely manner in which they dressed!





Early Lennon Sisters,
en bouffant
(as they most always were in those days)


A Lennon Sisters video,from 1966 (Still below)

(above) Click for larger

Video, singing Petticoat Polka (their first polka on Welk Show)

Video of a young Janet Lennon that gives us some nice peeks of pettis.

...and here she sings her own song.

below -from the September, 1960 issue of TV Radio Mirror


(above) ...with Andy Williams

(above) Singing Gospel


A very attractive picture of the Lennon Sisters
in their heyday (1957) - such lovely dresses -
soft, feminine,, real!

Sad to think that most of today's women and girls would scoff at such
 (except, of course
PondGirl Allison, our 'Girl next Door!,' and PondGirl Barbie.


Courtesy Shelley, Associate Producer, Research





(right) The youngest Lennon sister in action on The Lawrence Welk Show, circa 1957 (Group picture below)


(above) from Motion Picture Magazine, 1959

"This is a new special airing in March, 2007 PBS aired a special, a compilation of Welk performances that also concentrated on the B&W (petticoat) days! The show was assembled by Young Productions, the same people that edited the show for years.
Here's a cute one of the Lennons at Pacific Ocean Park! They are Kathy on the left and
Welk in the middle, and pretty Dianne Lennon on the right."




Research has yielded this, what appears to be a rare photo of the group...


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