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Norman points to this interesting
Second Life blog


This appears to be an avatar
(probably from Second Life)

Sent by Doug M.

Second Life images from Sylvia Marie

"This creature is called a 'petite' and comes up to a regular avatar's knee, but still has all the detail of the full size variety. This is an 'absent the fairy' costume, and has a very structural hoop petti, revealed shamelessly by an open skirt.
"I will locate more petti images as the chances present themselves. There is so much feminine clothing here it takes my breath away.
To all closet petti fanciers - if you can't wear the items in real life, grab a free membership and get started on your wardrob


Sylvia Marie does some remarkable designing on Second Life:

"One of my SL avatars in an outfit I cooked up. The skirt and pettis came all as one piece from an SL clothes maker. The bodice is a combination of
my work and another vendor. The Mary Jane shoes were by a friend of mine, and the socks are sold separately. The effect is... well, devastating.



"The more I shop in Second Life, the more petticoat frippery I find. This is just a sample of the literally thousands of petticoat-based fashions available.  If you can't fit these fashions in real life, why not give Second Life a try?  Shopping here is endless fun. Membership is free, although purchasing clothing requires a PayPal account or credit card. It's true that there are boorish people here, but there are many more helpful individuals.

"I have found everything from Era bouffant dresses to retro lingerie. You will have to search a bit to find it, but it's there!
"Be what you want to be."



 Courtesy Sylvia Marie

ED: The top half of her body seems out of synch
with the bottom, but Sylvia might
 send another corrected copy.



Fantasy Faire at Second Life

Received from Sylvia Marie,
who says, "
I swear to god I am not playing with myself."


Second Life avatar
      From Sylvia Marie  


Sylvia Marie, from Second Life:

"Look at this! I just got this dress. The petti is an actual layer and can be re-colored
separately from the skirt! Things are beginning to get more interesting..."


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