Poetry by Claudette St. Onge    2000

Her fiction

(With deepest apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

Oh, it’s Tommy this and Tommy that,
And, "He’s always such a mess!"
But he’ll be "Mommy’s little sweetheart"
When she puts him in a dress

So she scolded and she spanked,
And she scrubbed until it hurt.
Now he looks "so much nicer
In his darling poufy skirt!"

He howled. He whined. He pouted.
But in two or three days more,
He had such a pretty smile
In his nice blue pinafore!

So Tommy now is Tammy!
He’s mommy’s little princess!
And he loves his lacy pettis
Beneath his party dress.

With bangs upon his forehead
And his pigtails tied with bows,
He’s mommy’s little darling"
From his head down to his toes.

His pals now call him "sissy",
But lil’ Tammy doesn’t care,
‘Cause he loves feeling "girly"
In his frilly underwear.

When they visit mommy’s friends
He blushes at their stares!
‘Cause they look at him with longing,
Each wishing he was theirs!

For little girls dress up dolls
And have other girly toys.
But ladies think it’s "so much fun"
To dress up little boys.

He’s clean and smells so pretty
From his baths with scented soap,
And he plays with the girls now,
Dressing dolls and jumping rope.

Once he wore a pretty gown
And his heart was all a’whirl,
For on his cousin’s wedding day
He was her flower girl!

He looked so adorable
When he curtseyed to the bride,
Holding out his poufy gown
As his mommy beamed with pride!

School will soon be starting,
And mommy’s putting him in curls,
So he can look just as sweet
As the other pretty girls.

He’s mommy’s little sweetheart,
And as long as she’s alive,
She’ll keep him wearing dresses
‘Til he reaches sixty-five!

Now it’s "Tammy, dear" and "Tammy, sweet",
And he readily confesses:
He loves to wear pretty petticoats
Under all his pretty dresses.

Yes, he’s mommy’s little girl now,
And when his cheek she’s kissing,
He thinks that all those other boys
Just don’t know what they’re missing!

And mommy now is looking
At Tammy’s little brother.
It was so nice to change one boy…
…Why not change another?!!

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