Poetry by Georgia Southern, winner 2000 PettiPoetry Contest

On a sunlit and velvet green slope I lay,
Youthful musing at a powder sky,
The white lace clouds sat there afloat,
Fluffed before my eye.

The chiffon breeze that arranged them so,
Softly caressed my cheek,
As if by magic a spell was cast,
Which rendered me light and weak.

My soul arose from the earthly field,
And skyward floated free,
The green grass bed beneath me now,
With wonder I could see.

Into the lacey clouds I flew,
'Til they circled me at the waist,
A layered profusion of soft disarray,
Scattered by the breeze in haste.

I'd rise and fall, slowly sway and turn,
At the whim of that gentle wind,
In such pleasant state was I,
Gladly sighing after giving in.

I floated there all afternoon,
'Til reality shook me awake,
But oft I return to those petticoat clouds,
Where my soul's comfort I can take.

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