Poetry by Claudette St. Onge    2000

Her fiction

A spark struck within by a softer stone

Drew my young eye to a different place;

To a gentle world I explored alone

Of frills and petticoats (and always, lace).

And in my private careful days ahead,

Then to my older sister’s room I’d steal,

And shed my boyish garb for skirts instead,

As in my youthful heart a girl I’d feel!

And slips and panties and crinolines, too,

Caused within a wondrous feminine whole!

And lace and pastels, pink, yellow and blue,

Brought a joy undreamed to my searching soul!

The years have flown to where the past is lost,

And many a pretty dress have I worn

Since it all started in the long time ago.

But though Time my hair has covered with frost,

In my sister’s room, there something was born:

The sorcery of a feminine glow!


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