Poetry by Steve   2004

There was a bad boy in my class, And his name was Dean,
With a ruler he'd hitch up girlie's skirts, Showing what shouldn't be seen!
There were two2 called Cheryl and Penny, And in class they were second and first,
And both were incredibly pretty. But Dean, he was the worst!
Now Cheryl wore a big flouncy one. And a petticoat with white lace trim,
And sometimes we caught a glimpse of it. Just because of him!
Penny was the brightest gir. And she had beautiful dark eyes,
And she wore ordinary school skirts. That covered up her thighs.
But Dean would sit behind her. And using the tool I've told you about,
He'd quickly lift her skirt hem up. And then the teacher would find out.
And Dean would get detention, But me, I'd had a thrill,
And because of this bad boy's naughtiness, I expect I always will,
For whenever I see a glimpse of lace, on stockinged thigh or above the knee,
It always manages to incite my desire, a slip lover I'll always be!

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