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Alma Cogan: A Memoir by Her Sister Sandra Caron, Bloomsbury Publishing, Ltd, 1991 [London]

American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs, Pricilla Dalrymple, Dover, 1991 [Mineola, NY]

American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs, Pricilla Dalrymple, 1991

And All Was Revealed: Ladies' Underwear 1907-1980, Doreen Caldwell, St. Martin's Press, 1981 [New York]

Body Packaging, Julian Robinson, MacMillam Press, 1988 [Australia]

Christian Dior, Diana DeMarly, Holmes & Meier, 1990 [New York]

Christian Dior, Richard Martin & Harold Koda, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1996 [New York]

Christian Dior & I, Christian Dior, 1957

Come Dancing, Frank & Peggy Spencer, A.S. Barnes & Co, 1969 [Cranbury, NJ] DESCRIPTION

The Corset and the Crinoline ("Freaks of Fashion"), William-Berry Lord, Theater Arts Books [NYC]

Corsets and Crinolines, Norah Waugh, B.T. Batsford, 1954 [London]

Paperback reprinting: Routledge/Theater Arts Books, 1991[NYC]

Costume and Fashion (a/k/a A Concise History of Costume), James Laver, Thames & London, 1994 [London]

Costume in Detail: Women's Dress 1730--1930, Nancy Bradfield , Plays Inc. [Boston]

Costume Throughout the Ages, Mary Evans, 1950

Different Loving, Gloria G. Brame et al......., Random House (Villard), 1996 [NYC]

Dress and Undress, Elizabeth Ewing, B.T. Batsford, 1978 [London]

Fashion: Changing Shape of Fashion Through the Ages, Jane Dorner, 1974 [London]

Fashion in Underwear, Elizabeth Ewing, B.T. Batsford, 1971 [London]

Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalog: Late 1950s, Joy Shih, Schiffer Books, 1997 [Atglen, PA]

The Fashionable Lady in the 19th Century, Victoria and Albert Museum [London]

Fashion and Eroticism, Valerie Steele, Oxford University Press, 1985 [NYC, Oxford, Melbourne]

Fashion and Fetishism, David Kunzle, Rowman & Littlefield [Totowa, NJ]

Fashion of a Decade: The 1950s, Patricia Baker, B.T. Batsford, 1991 [London]

Fetish, Fashion, Sex and Power, Valerie Steele, Oxford University Press, 1996 [New York]

 50s Fashion Style (Elegant Fashion from the Golden Age of America), [in five parts] P. I. E Books, 1998 [Tokyo, Japan] and 1998  Nippan of Dusseldorf  [Germany]          Cover image, Part 5  

From the book (quoting male fashion designer Robert Cato): "I like lots and lots of underskirts. I like to see them poking out when a girl crosses her legs. I like the way a girl looks in them - like a doll.  You know, according to history, the more petticoats, the lower the resistance." 

50s Popular Fashions for Men, Women, Boys and Girls, Rosann Ettinger, Schiffer Books, 1997 [Atglen, PA]

Fifty Years of Fashion, Valerie Steele, Yale University Press [New Haven, CT]

The Golden Age of Couture, Paris and London 1947-1957                   COVER

The Great Book of Lingerie, Jacques Laurent

Harpers Bazaar-1867-1898, Stella Blum, Dover Publications, 1974 [NYC]

Historic Costume, K. Lester, 1925

History of Costume, Karl Köhler, Dover Publications, 1965 {New York]

History of Costume, Blanche Payne, 1965

A History of Fashion, J. Anderson Black et al...., Orbus Publishing [London]

The History of Lingerie, M.D.C. Crawford & E.G. Crawford, Fairchild, 1952 [New York]

History of Underclothes, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington, Faber & Faber [London], 1951, rev. 1981

Paperback reprinting: Dover, 1992 [Mineola, NY]

A History of Woman’s Underwear, Cecel Saint Laurent, Academy Editions, 1986 [London]

In Fashion—Dress in the Twentieth Century, Prudence Glynn, 1978

In Our Own Fashion, R. & W.H. Symington Company, Harley Publishing Co., 1956 [London]

Ladies Underwear 1907-1980, Doreen Caldwell

The Lady of Godey's: Sarah Josepha Hale, Ruth Finley, 1931

Lingerie in Vogue, Christine Probert, Thames and Hudson, 1981 [London]

Men in Petticoats, edited by Peter Farrer, Karn Publications [Garston, UK) see

The Mode in Costume, R. Turner Wilcox, Charles Scribner’s Sons [NYC & London]

Modesty in Dress, James Laver, 1969

The Perfect Lady, C. Willet Cunnington

Les Petite Dames de Mode (The Little Ladies of Fashion), (videotape) 87 minute history of John Burbidge's delightful miniature ladies of the era 1850 to 1914--available through Ladies Gallery (LLF-896). Click here for description and further information.

Skin to Skin (Eroticism in Dress), Prudence Glynn, New York University Press [NYC]

Skirts and More Skirts, Fiora Gandolfa, Zanfi-Editori, 1989 [Modena, Italy]

A Small History of Undergarments

The Story of Fashion (videotape), Emporium Videotape Library, RM Arts (216) 871-4479

Twentieth Century Fashion, John Peacock, Thames & Hudson, 1993 [London]

The Undercover Story, Fashion Institute of Technology, 1982 [New York] DESCRIPTION

Underwear--The Fashion History, Alison Carter, B.T. Batsford, 1992 [London]

The Undies Book, Nanette Rothacherm 1976

The Unfashionable Human Body, Bernard Rudofshy, Doubleday, 1971 [New York]

Unmentionables--A Brief History of Underwear, Elaine Benson and John Esten, Simon & Shuster, 1996

Unmentionables--The History of Lingerie, C. Pallochet

Victorian and Edwardian Fashion, Alison Gemshein, Dover, 1981 [Mineola, NY]

Victorian and Edwardian Fashions for Women 1840-1919, Kristina Harris, Schiffer Books [Atglen, PA]

Victorian Costume and Costume Accessories, Anne Buck, 1984

Victorian Fashion and Costume from Harper's Bazar 1867-1898, Stella Blum, Dover [Mineola, NY]

Vintage Fashions for Women: The 1950s & 60s, Kristina Harris, Schiffer Books, 1997 [Atglen, PA]

Whalebone to See-Through, Michael Colmer, A.S. Barnes, 1979 [Cranbury, NJ]

What We Wore, Ellen Melinkoff, William Morris & Co.,1984 [New York]--Click here for excerpts

Who Wore What?: Women's Wear 1861-1865, Juanita Leisch, Thomas Publications, 1995 [Gettysburg, PA]—Civil War era

Wife Dressing, Ann Fogarty, 1959

The Wonderful World of Ladies Fashion, Joseph J. Schroeder, Jr., 1971

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