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Petti Forums (also known  as "clubs", sponsored by sites such as Yahoo and MSN)  - generally, these type of formats unscrupulously take unauthorized items from other sites, even to the point of not removing them when asked, so we have discontinued linking to them.  They have no respect, and therefore deserve none. On exception is the "Full Skirts and Petticoats" group, which has made serious attempts at preventing this abuse with the Roger's (the moderator) serious attention.

Non-Commercial Sites and Personal Sites

(Personal sites and pages of those who LOVE petticoats!)

Bee's Nest
Cythia Moon's Petticoat Palace
Iris' Lilly Pad
Jenny's Lilly Pad
Joyce Daisy's Lilly Pad
Sylvia Marie's Bridal Parlor Recommended!
(This gal knows her graphics!)

(Not updated in 5 years, worth viewing)

Slips, Pettis and More  

Other Topics of Interest to Petti-types

German language 50s Pages     wedding gowns     petticoats
Crinolyn's GOWN GALLERY--just chock full of over 1000 incredible gowns! Her talent is, once again, wonderfully evident.

Highly Recommended! Don't miss it!

Petticoat Discipline  Monthly
Petticoat Punishment and Discipline 
50s patterns

Bridal and Long Pettis and Slips

Danish hoops and long pettis!

Sites with an Historical Bent

Crinolines (hoops) of the mid-19th century
Hooped costume
Small research site, with some strange conclusions
Hoops and bustles!

Straight Slip Sites

..and some pettis as well
Slip City
Soft Fetish Paysite
Some free pictures, but most are for sale.
Red's Paysite



For those who are interested in petticoat punishment, we can recommend no better site than this

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