The Tuesday Weld Story
 by Floyd Conner

Printed here for review purposes only

All copyrights honored and attributed to author and publisher 
(Barricade Books - 1995)
Thanks, John!

From Chapter 1, pages 28-29:e: I

Tuesday remembered being rejected for A Certain Smile, because she was too young. She determined not to let it happen again.

"First of all, I bought the highest heels I could find," Tuesday recalled. "Then I found a bright, sleeveless dress that I knew Mr. Kazan couldn’t help but notice, and to go underneath it, I bought a huge crinoline and taffeta petticoat that stuck out about a mile and made a swishing sound when I walked. I even dyed my hair platinum. Next came the some deep-tan makeup so that I would look out-doorsy and healthy. To complete the picture, I bought some thick phony eyelashes that could have knocked people down if they stood a foot from me. I honestly felt that I appeared very sophisticated."

Elia Kazan did notice Tuesday and asked her to step forward.

"Young lady, how old are you?"

"I’m sixteen," Tuesday answered, even though she was only thirteen.

"Well can you tell me one good reason why you’ve made yourself up to look like a woman of thirty-five? Miss Weld, you’re a mess! And another thing, that petticoat you’re wearing, I could hear you coming a mile away."

Tuesday had to stand for what seemed like an eternity and endure Kazan’s astonishment. She was shocked when he asked her to return the following week—miss the petticoat, false eyelashes, and deep-tan makeup. "Go home and scrub up, then come back as you really are and read for me again," he told her.

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