My girlfriend lived in Essex, a big rambling house. Her father, a broker and mother, an inebriated socialite who was seldom present. We both went to the same Stage School and through a mixture of circumstances she became aware of my 'girlish' desires. It wasn't hard to be given permission to stay with her for weekends, I lived in Perivale, London.

We were both 12 years old. She was beautiful with ringlets of gold cascading over her shoulders and I was her slave and, she knew it. Wealth! Her home had a shower! A rarity in England at that time. I wallowed in the hot water, letting it soak into every pore . . Then Mary came in and I, wandered off to my room. Her mum was out playing bridge in a semi-un-sober state with her friends and dad was making money somewhere . . we had the house to ourselves.

Mary was in the shower and her room door, adjoining mine, was open. I went in, and there was her chest of drawers, top drawer open. A froth of baby-pink frilly petticoat showed and I was frozen. I walked closer . . Mary was in the shower . . . I slipped my dressing gown off and pulled this baby-pink, frothy delight from the drawer . . I stepped into it and pulled it up slowly. It was silk, masses of frills and it caressed my thighs and when I felt it brush over my erect penis I nearly fainted. I stood there, my eyes closed, the pressure of the waistband, the contact of the silk, caressing my thighs, this was a heaven beyond belief . . . when suddenly I heard a giggle! Mary was standing in the doorway watching. I froze and then ran to the bed and threw myself down and started crying . . I was so ashamed. As I lay there trying to hide, tears pouring from my eyes I felt a cool gentle touch and her voice telling me that everything was alright . . that I needn't cry . .

She had known, she had sensed that at heart, I was the girl who never was, and this, intrigued her. She told me later that when she had walked in and seen me in her petticoat a sense of warmth and pleasure had washed over her. From then on she became my teacher, make-up, movement, everything. I wore her dresses and *giggle* her mum's wigs.

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