I grew up in a small town outside of Wilmington, NC. It was common in the late 1960s for local organizations to raise money by holding a Womanless Wedding. When I was 12 years old, the PTA at our school decided to hold a wedding. A womanless wedding is just what it says. All parts of the wedding, male and female, are played by men. That year the organizers asked my father to play the bride. My best friend's father was the groom. My mother and other women in the club made the dresses and conducted the rehersals. On the night before the program a dress rehersal was held. My mother let me come to the room where all the men were being dressed as women. The male characters were not in the room. I found myself very excited for reasons that I could not explain. The men were in various stages of dress. Some were just dressed iin a bra and panties. All had shaven their body hair. The wives were helping to dress the characters and applying their makeup. My father looked beautiful in his long white gown. Underneath her had white lingerie with garters, white stockings, and a garter on his leg. There were also men playing parts as the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids.

The time for the play came the next night. About two hours before the show, my father said that he had just received news that the young boy who was to have played the part of the flowergirl had become sick. He and my mother volunteered me for the part. I had not seen a flower girl the night before and later suspected that they sprung this on me suddenly so I could not protest. My mother took me to the dressing room. Two other wives were there. They told me to remove my male clothing. I had not year begun to grow body hair so they saw no need to shave me. One woman handed me a pair of white silk panties and told me to put them on. I went into a booth with a curtain, removed my male underpants and put on the panties. I was thrilled by how they felt next to me. My mother then led me out of the booth and proceeded to dress me with help from the woman who gave me the panties. They fastened a garter belt around me and then helped me put on white stockings. Our friend fastened the stockings to the garter. I was nervous because I began to get an erection but she seemed not to notice. I put on my white satin slippers. My mother then placed a silk slip and petticoats over my head. Then came the dress - a long lace dress with a pink ribbon on the front. My mother applied make-up, rouge, and lip stick. A blond wig with souther style curls was placed on my head. I looked in the mirror and was stunned. I looked beautiful. During all of this the other men had dressed and we were ready to start the show. At the last minute my mother told me to lift up my skirt. She held my right leg up and placed a garter on my thigh.

The show was beautiful and people had alot of fun. The groom gave my father a long kiss on his mouth, they danced the first dance and pushed cake into each other's face. My father then sat down and the groom lifted his skirt and took pulled down his garter belt. The audience went wild. Then the groom asked me to sit down. He lifted up my skirt, in fact pushed it high so you could see my panties, and drew down the garter. I immediately got an erection that all could see because my dress was so high. I found myself enjoying a girl and was disappointed when the night ended.

Years later I was at the University. A sorority decided to hold a womanless wedding. I was chosen to be the bride. I did not know the groom. The girls in the sorority bought our dresses. I had two outfits - the wedding dress and the going away dress. The event started with the traditional wedding march. My "father" walked me down the aisle. I had on a ling silk gown. It had lace up to the neck but the back was cut so ow you could see the tops of my rear cleavage. The sorority girls had though this was sexy. I had on white panties, thigh high white stockings, and the garter. The groom was very handsome. After we exchanged the vows, he placed his hand on my bare back and just before he kissed me whispered "open your mouth". I open slightly and he proceeded to place his tongue on mine and then kissed me. The audience cheered. When we danced, he held his hand close to the top of my fannie and told me I looked beautiful. That night many of the fraternity brothers danced with me and most took the opportunity to place their hand on my bare back and then proceeded to place their hand inside my dress and panties and held my derriere. The time came to remove the garter. I sat down and raised my petticoats. He knely down, ran his hand up my thigh and pushed my dress up so high the crowd could see the bulge in my silk panties. He then pulled the garter down my leg. I was thrilled. We changed into our going away outfits. I wore a short red dress, wide crimmed hat, and high heels. He had on a sports coat and slacks. We waved good-bye to the crowd and entered a limo. In the limo on the way back to the sorority house, he pulled me to him and kissed me. He ran his hand up my skirt and held it over my bulging panties. A week later he called and asked me out on a date. I was confused because I am not gay and I didn't believe he was. But I accepted. This date turned into the first of many over the course of a year. We would go to other cities and even spent a long weekend in New York City. We did everything a man and woman do on dates. After a year he graduated and moved to the west coast and the relationship ended. I never dated a man again.

About six years later, I saw him at an alumni reunion. He was married by then and so was I. We didn't say much to each other. He just smiled and so did I. Both of these weddings are experiences I will never forget.

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