Remembering as far back as I can - as a young boy growing up in the 60s, I recall how much I loved to look at the girls in my school when they had on fancy dresses or performed in talent shows or parades in frilly costumes. Three young girls who were around my age lived down the street from me. I used to play with them in the yard - but when they got bored with that, they'd send me home and go inside and play. One day, I pleaded with them to let me play inside with them, to which they replied that I could, but it was all girl's games only.  I agreed, and thus began my life as a Poufbunny! 

What started out as simple games of playing with Barbies and tea sets, soon turned to dress-up time. I had to 'dress the part' so to speak. As they all took dance class, there was a collection of very pretty recital costumes to pick from. All I can remember is how I felt a little uneasy, yet very excited at the same time. as they picked through their storage closet for a costume for me to wear. I was in heaven as they picked out a cute yellow satin and net ballerina costume - the bodice/panty was all shiny yellow satin with little sequin trim around the arm holes. The tutu had a top layer skirt of yellow satin identical to the bodice with sequin trim around the hem. The white tutu underneath was very puffy and short - like 5 or 6 layers of stiff netting, with a thin yellow satin ribbon trim along each layer's edge. 

I remember as I got undressed behind a curtain seeing that beautiful costume laying there in front of me, and somehow knowing this was gonna be something BIG in my life! As I was naked getting into this-(they didn't give me tights and told me it had its own underwear!), I remember how wonderful the smooth cool fabric felt as I pulled the costume up into place...then emerged to have them help me with the zipper in back. As I stood there - the object of giggling and adoration at the same time - I never felt so odd, yet so happy!! I nervously fingered the edge of my tutu - enjoying the smooth feeling of the satin and the puffy feeling of the bouncy tutu! 

The rest of the day was spent playing girl games and pretend ballet recitals! I was hooked! Soon after-at the age of 7-I was to have my first actual petti-experience! The girls decided it would be cute to sneak me to their friends' girls-only birthday party-disguised as a girl of course!!! They picked out a powder blue organdy party dress lined in taffeta with an attached crinoline underneath!! I got to wear these cute little white bloomer-style panties with ruffles at the leg openings, another petticoat underneath in addition to the one already in the dress, and a white organdy pinafore as well! I felt like Alice in Wonderland!! I remember the dress made such a dreamy swooshy sound as I patted the skirt and slipped my hands back and forth at my sides-swoosh swoosh swoosh! So cool! When we arrived at the party, no one there knew I was really a boy. My hair was short but my friends had skillfully brushed it in more girlish style with ribbons attached! I hardly ever talked, and when I did-it was in rather hushed tones and short answers. I was introduced as their cousin visiting from out of town. Which was a great way to hide the fact that they didn't know me at the party and why I wasn't talking too much (shyness!)... I remember how wonderful it was-like a dream-to be surrounded by all these cute little girls in their awesome dresses and I was one of them as well! We played party games that afternoon and getting to eat cake at the picnic table-getting on the bench in our poufy dresses, skirts all scrunched up together!! If I had been older, there would've been an "arousal" issue to deal with! LOL!! Since those wonderful childhood days, I have been fully active in my dressing up hobby ever since!

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