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I'm not sure where you are from but if you remember about four years ago(1994)the North American east coast got hit by a really big snow storm. The day that that storm hit I had gone to visit an old friend, from highschool, in northeRn Ontario (where they average at least three to four feet of snow during the winter). What I didn't know was that there had been a water main that had burst on her property. Guess what? Lucky me found out where it was because I fell through the ice into the hole that the bursting pipe had made. I was drenched (and freezing) and as luck would have it the clothes in my bag were soaked as well because the zipper was broken. I dragged myself out of the hole and stiffly walked to my friend's door (her name was Angela) to let her know that I was there. As luck (I'm now thinking fate) would have it the power was out and to make it worse she only had electric heat. Angela suggested that we go into town (the town was already in the boondocks and she was twenty miles out of town) to a coin laundry and dry my clothes. We got in my car and warmed it up real good. Just as we were getting ready to pull out, we heard on the radio that all the roads into (and out of) town were closed because the plows couldn't handle the snow in town yet alone the snow outside of town. We also heard that the power was expected to be out for at least another twenty hours. I thought great now I guess that I'll freeze to death.

We went inside and to my surprise Angela said that she did have something that would fit me. I asked her what it was and Angela said that she had her sister's old wedding gown (size 26). At this point I felt like a little kid on their birthday and because I didn't really have a choice I told her to bring on the wedding gown. To my hidden delight (and her surprise) the gown (without a petticoat) was a perfect fit. I wore the gown (without underwear) until the power came back on. The power ended coming back on around 5:00PM the next day (Sunday I think) and by then it had stopped snowing. Angela saw that I wasn't in any hurry to take off the wedding gown, so she said that if I was going to continue to wear the wedding gown (I felt like I was in heaven), I should at least try to look the part. By the end of that day Angela had me wearing silk stockings, a garter belt and a hand-made multi-tiered satin-lined tulle petticoat (that she made that night) under the wedding gown as well as false breasts (the glue on kind). I didn't wear a bra or panties because Angela didn't have any large enough for me (she was only a size 6 - I'm still jealous). My hair was already down to my shoulders and curlier than Angela's hair, so she didn't need to do anything to it, except to wash and brush it. By noon on Monday the snow plows finally cleared the roads heading into town (my clothes had already thawed out and dried on their own after the power came on). Angela suggested going into town and she told me to keep the wedding gown on. I gave her a look and she told me that I could pass as a large homely girl (I didn't have any make-up on). She also told me that some houses in a nearby town had been broken in to, and the only things that had been stolen had been the female clothing. The first place that we went to was a Bridal Salon that was at time owned by a friend of Angela's. Angela wanted to make sure that I had everything that was neccesary for a bride to wear, including a veil. By the time that we got back to her place, Angela had bought me two white satin bras, a few pairs of silk panties and silk stockings, two silk blouses (one white, one emerald green) with matching tea-length silk skirts, two tea-length silk dresses (one white, one royal blue), two tea-length petticoats, two garter belts and two floor-length silk nightgowns (one black, one semi-sheer white). I wore a pair of white panties and a bra home underneath the wedding gown along with everything else that I had worn when we left Angela's house. I ended up being Angela's 'girlfriend' until I had to reluctantly leave to head home about two weeks later.

When I did leave Angela's, I left as Darlene. As I was leaving Angela's place she handed me a package and told me not to open it until I got home. On my way home I reluctantly stopped at a gas station and changed back in Darren, mainly because of my parents who I still live with. My father considers all crossdressers to be gay, and believe me I'm as straight as a nail. When I got home I opened up the package that Angela had given me. To my pleasant surprise inside was a teal silk blouse, a black tea-length silk skirt, a ruby red tea-length silk dress, a tea-length petticoat, a white satin bra, a pair of satin panties, a pair of silk stockings, a garter belt and a pink floor-length silk nightgown, none of which was bought when Angela had bought the rest of my wardrobe that stayed at her place. After I laid everything out I noticed something else was wrapped up at the bottom of the package. I took it out and carefully unwrapped it. To my pleasant surprise it was a hot pink floor-length satin bridesmaid gown.

Two years ago Angela was killed a traffic accident. Unforunately I wasn't able to get to Angela's place before her parents cleaned out her closets and dressers. My wardrobe that Angela kept for me was given to charity by her parents which at the time include two wedding gowns that she had bought as gifts and almost two dozen petticoats and crinolines. Unforunately my mother is now retired and two weekends ago (May 3rd & 4th, 1997) I was away and she decided to clean out the guest room closet. Guess what, she thought that my wardrobe were clothes that had belonged to a dead cousin of mine that had lived with us about eight years ago. When I got home from the weekend my wardrobe was gone to the Salvation Army, so unknown to my parents I still have two silk nightshirts. One (white) which I am currently wearing. I really hope that I can find a job soon, that way I can get my own apartment and restock my wardrobe. My personal favourites for dressing are wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, skirts, blouses & dresses that are made from satin or silk, silk pajamas, satin panties and long silk flowing nightgowns.

One fantasy that I have is to get locked in a Bridal Salon (must carry at least size 24) that also sells lingerie. It would be paradise because I would try on everything that was size 24 or larger, until I was let out.


Mary was a beautiful girl and she took great care of her appearance and taught me to as well. Those beautiful weekends, in her bedroom, left to our own devices. Not only did I wear her clothes, but we ‘raided' her mother's closets, we were size-compatible . . . She was lonely girl, her parent tolerated her and her brother ignored her when he was home or was away at Gordonstone learning to be a "man!". Not only did we both share the excitement of what we were doing, there was a great deal of affection between us too. I'll never forget the phone call late one evening from her barely intelligible mother saying she was staying at a friends, one of her lovers no doubt. But!!!! We were alone! The whole house, to ourselves. We looked at each other guiltily and then grinned. Curtains were drawn, lights turned off downstairs, doors checked and then. Upstairs. We soaked in the deep English bath-tub together, our love blossoming in the hot scented water. She said, "This will be our first night together" her eyes bright, almost feverish. She leaned close and whispered "I have a special treat for you . ." And with that, she climbed out of the tub and wrapped in a big towel, disappeared, I heard he go down the hallto her mother's bedroom. . . I relaxed in the hot water for a while and then got out and dried myself in one of the gigantic, fluffy towels. I dried my hair carefully, it was longer now and I was taking care to make sure it had a feminine look . . I was pleased with the result. My figure was slim and my shape was that of a girl's . . . Putting on my dressing gown, I padded off down the long hall to my room which was next to hers in the east wing. I knocked on the connecting door and it flew open and she came in . . .

"Close your eyes! Keep them closed! Promise? No cheating!" She put her finger on my lips . . . and sealed them. She used this a lot, it was her way of taking control of me . . . I was her beloved slave. I closed my eyes and she led me into her room stopped, she closed the door, took my hand again and led me, I guessed, to the bed. She whispered "Open your eyes . ." I did - and nearly fainted with pleasure. There, on her large bed, carefully laid out, was the most beautiful frilly nightdress I have ever seen! "My mum bought that years ago, but never wore it . . . Dad was always too tired or working" she grinned. "It's pure silk . . " It was snow white silk. Ribbons adorned the puffed sleeves and frills were everywhere! She gently took my dressing gown off me, let it drop to the floor and then reached for the nightdress (she always took the lead - and I was not allowed to talk). She held it against me, studying my face, judging the effect it was having. When I felt the material touch my skin, I shuddered in ecstasy and closed my eyes, letting out a long, soft moan of pure pleasure. She slipped it over my head and it cascaded down around me and an erotic fog of silk caressed my skin. She led me to the mirror, and as I walked, I could feel the rows of frills on the hem caressing me, walking in this garment had become an act of poetic lust! I looked at the reflection and melted yet again, I was beautiful. I looked like a young, honeymoon dream and Mary stood there, hypnotized, her eyes glowing with pleasure. She told me to lie on the bed and then she quickly slipped into one of her baby-pink silky Baby-Dolls. She twirled around, the hem floating in the air and then went to her closet and collected nighties, petticoats and going to the drawer, panties and slips and then heaped them on the bed. I will never forget the night that followed . . I have never in my whole life experienced such undiluted erotic pleasure. I was in lingerie heaven, with a girl I adored who, treated me as a girl! It was a lesbian, lingerie love story . . .

This passion of mine is now part of my being and as I sit here writing this now, I am wearing a white negligee over a pink nightdress . . . And I love it!

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