DENISE'S FIRST AND SUBSEQUENT ENCOUNTERS -- how she grabbed the ring and ran!

As most Poufbunnies, I have been relatively secretive about my crossdressing and perhaps you've seen my item in the "Reflections" section about the braveness it takes for a CD to get all dolled up, even to the point of going out in public dressed.

My earliest recollection of dressing and wearing crinolines were actually one in the same. But, here's the twist: I used to try on my sisters crinolines while she was in the same room!

In the 1950s, when crinolines were pretty much a part of everyday wear for the ladies, my older sister and I had to share a bedroom. I don't even have a clue as to my actual age when I began to try on her crinolines, but I was quite young and seldom had any time alone so I would usually do it late late late at night while sis was sleeping.

Typically it would be a night when she went out on a date and coming home late, I'd already be in bed pretending to be asleep. (Or perhaps, just waking up when she came in.) Always a wonderful and caring sister, she tried to be very quiet and not disturb me. She often just "stood" her crinolines on the floor in front of the closet, which was conveniently at the foot of my bed. Once she was in bed, I'd wait patiently until I was sure she was sleeping and I'd slowly get out of bed and tippie toe to the foot of the bed. (The emergency plan was if she woke up I was just going to the bathroom.)

Once at the "scene of the crime" and with one eye always on sis and the other on the crinoline, I would slowly step into it and enjoy my special little world for just a minute or so until the guilt and fear that I'd get caught brought me back to reality and I'd reverse the process and return to bed.

To my knowledge sis has no idea I ever did this. She and I are very very close and although I've thought of telling her of my crossdressing, one never really knows how such things will turn out and I'd hate to take a chance of ruining a wonderful relationship. But, the thought of her possibly having the chance to borrow my crinolines now for payback sure gets tempting!

(added 1/27/00)

Jim's and then Stella's first encounters were magnificent and chatter among pouf bunnies is buzzing faster than the speed of light because of it. They brought to mind a much later chapter to my first encounter with petticoats so I thought I'd share it with you. As Stella mentioned, in the 1950s lots of things were "taboo" to talk about, and a young boy who secretly tried on his sister's petticoats was one of them, falling short of having been caught wearing them. So, my petticoat pleasures remained a totally private, deep secret for many years. Eventually winds of change were in the air and the early 1980s found me at the end of a seven year marriage unrelated to frilly things. 

By this time I knew petticoats and the love of feminine things were a part of me that would not go away so I made a deal with myself that if and when someone special came along that she would have to know of this part of me. It was about 3 years until that special gal came along and when she did, we immediately fell head over heels in love. Sadly we are no longer together, but we are still friends. We worked in the same building (for different companies) when we met in the mid 1980s and we still do today, so this is also a story of love and trust. I can't speak for her, but I really learned what love is from that relationship and she will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Within a month or so of our first date somehow I found the courage to lay it on the line. (Sure wish I knew then what I know now, but time only moves in one direction.) I kept it short and simple by telling her I get turned on by wearing women's clothes. Also that I didn't understand it, but no matter how often I decide to quit and give it up, that it doesn't go away, that it makes me feel good, isn't hurting anyone, and that lots of other guys do the same thing. She didn't scream, didn't run as fast as she could in the other direction, didn't ask me to leave, nor did she drill me with endless questions. A great weight was lifted, but what about tomorrow? And, of course, a great weight had been placed on her shoulders.

The next evening we ended up at my place and after a nice dinner we prepared together, we settled down in the living room. Eventually that courage from places unknown came back and I asked if she would like me to get dressed up for her and she said, "okay." 

My wardrobe was minimal at the time, but I slipped off into the bedroom and put on a bra, blouse, full (grey, black, and white) acetate skirt, and petticoat. That's it, no makeup, no wig, no stockings, no shoes. As I bravely walked back into the living room I did a little twirl in front of her as I said "I know I look absolutely ridiculous and you can laugh if you want, but I don't know why I like to do this, but it makes me feel great." Her exact response was "I wish I could wear something like that." What a great sport! The rest of the evening was a blur, but did not involve much talk about this "new" subject. 

It didn't take her long to realize what got my attention and that a little bit of flirting goes a long way. So we had lots of fun times together. Once she even snapped my bra and said "paybacks are hell." We all know that a slip is also petticoat, so to speak, so she made sure to always wear a slip under her skirts and dresses just to tease me more. 

Eventually the ultimate teasing event occurred. Crinolines/petticoats, as we know, had their place in the 1950s along with the DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATRE. Many car windows got all fogged up by the couples inside making out before, during, and after the movie. Of course, all those layers of frilly stuff under those skirts and dresses certainly were a barrier scorned by many of the guys while others found them to be so teasing, feminine, and the reason for the Petticoat Pond. 

Ok, back to the mid 1980s, a few DRIVE INs were still in the area and we had visited more than one. One day she pulled the ultimate tease by putting on my acetate full skirt and a very full petticoat under it and insisting on me taking her to a drive-in movie. And what a tease it was, and oh how the windows got steamed! And gosh, it wasn't even me wearing the petticoat! Some things never change, we didn't care one bit what the movie was about, just like the 1950s! 

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