THE TRUE STORY OF FELICITY'S TRANSITION -- how she grabbed the ring and ran!

I'd been dressing in my own room for some time. I didn't have a sister to blame I just found dresses and skirts pretty and exciting, particularly the 50s look, so much for films like Peggy Sue Got Married, etc. with their flashes of pettis, what a turn on. Anyway, I'd acquired a couple of pettis, a full circle skirt and a full dress, together with various other items of lingerie and some other skirts, blouses and dresses. Fortunately, at 5'5", I wasn't too tall and I had a slight build (only just 9ST) so it wasn't too hard getting things that fitted. I used to lock myself in my room, get changed and play on the computer. I'd loosen up my long hair, and brush it out, trying to make it look nicer. I'd get changed back if I had to go down to Mum & Dad, and when I went to bed I'd sleep in one of the old fashioned nighties I had (one a little baby doll). Carefully, I'd put everything away in a case before I went out, so as not to be found out.

I was taking a year off before going to Uni and had arranged some work with a friend of Dad's -  Working on some software development for him in his small business. Before starting, I had to go for some training on the software. 

I called home on the Thursday, as it seemed we'd finish early, and I'd get home about two on the Friday instead of later, as we'd thought, so I thought I'd let Mum know, as she was going to pick me up from the station. Well she was waiting at two when the train got in and we put my bag in the back of the car and headed home. On the way, she said I should be more careful with my things. I didn't know what she was talking about. Then she asked when the things in the cases had last been washed,. I realised what she meant. I mumbled. She said that if things needed washing, I should put them in the wash; she didn't mean to pry, but they'd taken the opportunity to re-decorate my room while I was away. As we arrived home, she asked how long I'd been dressing up in girls' clothes, I tried to answer, but the words didn't come out I was so embarrassed. 

We went in, and I carried my bag through to the washing machine. 

Mum called me upstairs. I was dreading this. I walked into my room: It was a pastel lemon color with satin bedspread and lace curtains. On the bed were two sets of clothes: jeans and sweatshirt with socks and shorts; and the other the circular skirt with a white blouse, a petticoat and bra and pants. Mum looked at me told me I should have a quick shower, then get changed and join her downstairs. I could wear either set, but if I chose the jeans, then we'd gather up all the girlish items and put them out as trash. If I chose the skirt, then there was to be no more hiding and I wasn't to be ashamed of the way I was.

I showered, dried and went back into my room. I was determined I'd have to get rid of my skirts. Once I looked at them on the bed, I knew I wanted another last time. I went to lock the door, but the lock had been removed. I pulled on the stockings and fastened them to the belt, pulled up the panties and then fastened the bra behind me. Mum had even laid out the silicon inserts I used. Next, I pulled up the petti, feeling it sway against my legs. Then I slipped on the blouse and buttoned it up. Finally, came the skirt, which fastened snuggly around my waist. It felt great. Next, I opened the wardrobe and there neatly hung up were my skirts, blouses and dresses. When I opened the drawers of the dressing table, I found my underskirts and panties neatly laid out. I turned around, and there was mum. 

"Well, you've made your mind up, have you?  Fine, let's go downstairs." 

I think it must be like the feeling that a rabbit has when a predator is near:  You simply freeze. I wanted to say, "Wait, I'm going to change."  Instead, I went downstairs with Mum. 

She told me I should unpack my bag and put the washing in the machine and get it started. I started loading the machine as she explained what I should do, and then she left me to it. When the machine started, I joined Mum in the kitchen. She sat me down and brushed my hair, then she applied some make up. It was really strange, but she said that if I was going to dress up, then I should do it right. She told me that while I'd loaded the washing machine, she'd called the salon and booked me in for the Saturday morning to have my hair done, my ears pierced and a beauty treatment. 

Next I helped lay the table for our evening meal.  Not the three places for Mum, Dad and me, but eight places, as we were to have company. Then I had to hang out the washing to dry. I went out into the back yard to hang out the washing; while I was doing this, I realised mum was talking across the fence to a neighbor. At the same time, there I was in a skirt and blouse wearing makeup.

Dad didn't say much when he got in - shook his head a little, and then asked how the course went. It all seemed a bit surreal talking to him as if it was normal for me to be in a skirt. 

A little before seven, our dinner guests arrived: my aunt, uncle and cousin and Dad's friend, Eddie (my new boss), and his wife. By now, I just felt drained; the world could have ended, I wouldn't have noticed. The only comment Eddie made was that he hoped I'd made up my mind about dresses, as he didn't want me turning up as a lad one day and a girl the next.

It was after 12 by the time I got to bed after bringing in the washing again and helping with the clearing up. When I got back to my room, the jeans etc had gone, and on the bed was a nightie.

In the morning, I showered and dressed -  a simple a-line skirt. Mum brought through a jacket, and said it was time to go to the salon. I'd forgotten all about it. I just couldn't go in a skirt, so Mum let me wear my jeans, though I still had a blouse on. We arrived at the salon and were shown through to a back room. All sorts of things were laid about and Jean, the salon owner, told me to strip to my pants and lie on the table. She started to wax my back - boy, was it sore! then she asked Annie to come through, and Annie proceeded to do the rest of the waxing. I'd been to school with Annie; it was really embarrassing, lying there with her applying wax, then tearing it off. We chatted, small talk, for me it was trying to hide the embarrassment. I just did as she said, even when I had to push down the top of my panties so she could do a bikini line and when I opened my thighs to let her wax there. Finally, I was waxed (and sore); she stood slightly behind me, and asked me to sit up.  Then ouch! - my left ear was pierced, then the right one. Next I sat down, as she gave me a manicure and pedicure, finishing with a couple of coats of red polish. I though she was finished, but, no, a few minutes more, and she'd shaped my eyebrows. 

When this was done I was allowed to put on my belt and stockings again; then she left me my bra (and fillers).  Next, she came in with a waist slip which Mum had left for me. It was white satin with a wide lace edge, and came down to about my mid calf. Annie handed me a nylon wrap to cover myself with as I was to have my hair done now. The wrap only just came down below my bottom. I had to go back into the main salon to have my hair done. The ladies there commented on how pretty my slip was, and I was truly embarrassed, sitting there, as Jean and Annie fussed over my hair. It was washed and clipped and rolled and, eventually, I sat under a drier waiting for it to end. Mum came back just as I was coming out from under the drier, and she waited, as Jean applied some make up for me. When I saw myselfv, I was surprised, I wasn't exactly a looker, but at least I was passable.

I went back through to the little room and found Mum had laid out a pair of high heels and a skirt and blouse for me. Dressed, I went through to Mum; she handed me a jacket and we left. After this, we went shopping, and I ended up with another couple of bras and a skirt suit. It was the skirt suit I ended up wearing to work on the Monday as Felicity.

Anyway that was the start of 16 months as Felicity. I was working almost entirely with women, and they treated me really well, even with the teasing. They helped me out with my poise and how to act like a girl. I must admit I was surprised at how rude some of their actions were. There were a few things happening that year, and this is already too long. They used a banana to show me how to 'draw a boy's sting', and later on, when they'd bullied Mike into taking me out, they insisted on watching, as I showed them that I'd learned how to do it properly. After Christmas, we went for a winter vacation. I went as me, and changed to Felicity when we arrived. As a present, I was to have my broken nose fixed. I didn't speak Spanish and didn't know what Mum and the doctor were on about, I wasn't even bothered about being in a dress. A couple of days later, I woke up with my face bandaged; there was also bandaging on my chest. By the time I got home, I found that I now had a girlish nose and cheekbones, plus I no longer need the fillers for the B cup bra.

Anyway, sorry its so long. I stopped being Felicity most of the time as I went to Uni, though there were the holes (still have the implants though - tight T-shirts & loose jerseys cover them well) .

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