My first introduction to "dressing" came when I was in the Cub Scouts. The pack was having an international night. Our den selected Mexico, and the den mothers had the bright idea of dressing us as Mexican girls. Needless to say, we objected to the idea, but to no avail. My mother borrowed a skirt and blouse from a cousin of about my age. The skirt was a grey wool "Scotty" poodle skirt. What that had to do with Mexico, I still donít know. It felt strange stepping into the skirt, and the ridicule from the guys in the other dens was relentless. The feel of the breeze up my legs was new, and somehow fun. Iím not sure how excited my parents were, since, unlike many of PettiPondís writers who were "dressedí from the inside, I was not given any lingerie or petticoats to wear with the outfit.

Having survived that outing with my masculinity intact, my appetite for wearing girlís clothes was whetted. When I was thirteen, I was alone in the house and started investigating my momís a lingerie drawer. The touch of her slips and panties were a turn-on. I decided to try them on. I started with white nylon panties and a white bra. I pulled out a pair of stockings and a girdle to holds them up. I found dress with a full skirt and eyelets, so I put on a lacy full slip (a girl shouldnít let anyone see her bra through her dress) and a pretty petti. The feeling was great! I walked around, sat down, and twirled to see my petticoat lift. I was hooked. When I was alone I repeated this, often wearing a shirtwaist dress with just a bra, panties and petticoat underneath. This continued fro a couple of years until high school and college led me to trying to get into girlsí lingerie in another manner of speaking.

When I was about thirty, now married with two kids, my wife was away for he weekend. She had a bag of some clothes she was discarding and wanted me to get it and add to it to give to charity. Included in the bag were old nighties and panties. The old feeling came back and I started dressing again. Now (some twenty years later) when I go out of town, I always have a nightie and panties and sometimes a dress and slip. When my family was away for a week last year, each night I got to sample my wifeís skirts, slips and panties and sleep in a different nightie every night (except for the night I merely removed my dress and slept in my lacy pink full slip and matching panties.

I approached my wife with my fetish and, after a brief trial, she decided she was turned off by it. Iím sure she figures I do this, but rarely asks. Unfortunately, she doesnít own any petticoats, although I have suggested she get a fifties outfit for some classic car rallies in our area. Maybe some day Iíll be able to sample one of her pettis.

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