I was 11 or 12 years old when the girl who lived next door, Marilyn, invited me to play with her and another girl, Nancy. I was always more comfortable playing with the neighborhood girls than I was with the boys. However, this time in order to play with them, I had to be a girl. So they proceeded to dress me in their clothes, including a lacy bra, lacy panties, lacy slip and garter belt with nylon stockings. As this was in the 50's, next came a huge crinoline, followed by a blouse and full circle skirt. I was made up with lots of powder, rouge, deep red lipstick and eye shadow. My fingernails were painted with a deep red nail polish. A red bow was pinned to a blond wig, which was then placed on my head. Large clip-on earrings where attached to my earlobes and I was placed in high heels, given a purse, and then practised walking back and forth on the heels to get used to them. Marilyn and Nancy coached me on how to act and talk as a girl, and on how to flirt with boys. Then came the finale. I was taken outside and paraded about as Marilyn's visiting cousin. Needless to say, we fooled no one, and I was the focal point of a lot of humiliating comments, being called a sissy, pantywaist, girlboy, faggot and transvestite for a long time afterward. Yet the important thing is that I didn't really mind, for I fully enjoyed the whole experience of dressing as a girl. This event triggered a love in me for crossdressing as a girl which as never left me all my life.

In later years, I took every opportunity to peek up a girl's dress or skirt while she was sitting at her desk or walking up the stairs ahead of me at school. I would almost swoon over her crinolines swishing about under her skirt or dress, wishing all the time that it could be me wearing those delicious clothes.

Eventually, I purchased my own full skirts and dresses with huge 100-yard crinolines from square dancing supply stores, along with the frilly panties and garters that the female square dancers wear. I am in a fantasy world when I am wearing a lacy bra, frilly panties, lacy slip, garter belt, nylon stockings, huge crinoline under a full skirt and blouse, accented with lots of makeup, especially deep red lipstick, dangling earrings, a blond wig and high heels. This is sheer ecstasy for me which I, unfortunately, do not have the courage to share with others, except in anonymous ways such as this. 

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