I started wearing my sister's slips and panties when I was two or three. My mother caught me at about age thirteen when I had dressed up in my sister's dress, bra, and several petticoats. She asked what I was doing and I told her that I liked wearing my sister's clothing. She walked out without saying anything.

Several days later, she came to me and told me that I could wear ladies' clothing, but not in front of others. She bought me panties and a couple of pretty slips. My sister went into the army and left most of her clothes at home, so I had plenty of clothes to wear. My girlfriend and her mother enjoyed me wearing their slips, bras and dresses. We got married and enjoyed 24 years of happy marriage. She
died of cancer.

I have continued to buy my clothing and have a closet full of women's clothing. I go to the local Dillard's Department Store and a couple of the women help me pick out beautiful dresses, slips, bras, skirts and blouses. I have made my own breasts out of foam. I am now 58 years old and really enjoy my passion. I collect slips and petticoats, and have over 200. You have to hunt for the old ones to get beautiful colors and lace. I also love the cancan slips of the 50's, when I was a teen and wore my sister's. 

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