I have been interested in ladies' clothing sense I can remember. I believe that we are born with a liking of feminine clothing and also some of female feeling, etc. I am very intuitive and a caring, loving person. Most of my friends have been ladies. I have more in common with them. I had rather talk about women things. I still enjoy a good ballgame and being with the male side of life, but there is too much shouting, swearing and other loud masculine ways that I do not like.

I would wear my two sisters' panties and slips when I was no older than three. I would wear them every chance that I could. I would always take my bath last so that I could wear their slips and panties that were in the clothes hamper. As I grew older, I would go into my sister's room when she was not there and wear her slips, panties. I was nine or ten when I starting dressing in their petticoats and dresses.

I also had a girl cousin my age who was an only child, and her mother was divorced. Her mom and my mother were very close, so I would stay at her house a lot. One day when I was seven, we were playing in the mud and, of course, were covered from head to toe. Her mother's religion would not let
her daughter wear pants, so she cleaned us both up and had me wear one of her daughter's dresses. That was a big turn on for me and my cousin enjoyed us being sisters. The next time that I stayed at my cousin's house, we proceeded to get dirty again and of course we were given a bath "together"
and I got to wear her dress again. It did not take my aunt long to catch on, and she told us to go get a dress for me and not get all my clothes dirty. My mother would come over and did not make a big deal of it. I would go to town dressed this way and everyone seemed to accept it. This continued for
all of our lives. Even as a teenager, 15, 16 , and 17, I would stay all weekend with them and dress in her clothing. 

By this time, we had started wearing cancan petticoats, bras, and everything that went with them. Her
mother called me her second daughter. She would make a dress for both of us. She was a very good seamtress and our dresses skirts, and blouses were beautiful. She kept us many slips, panties and petticoats. We still took baths together and slept together. This continues today whenever we get the
chance, as we live in different states. My cousin and I are still sisters.

Back to the early years. My oldest sister married and move out. My second sister started working on the weekends, Saturdays and my parents would not  let her stay home alone when they went to grandma's or to the great aunt that had raised my dad for the weekend. If I would stay with her, my dad would let her stay home and work. I enjoyed going but my sister bribed me. She would have two or three of her girl friends over and I could be one of the girls. I was dressed up all the way including makeup. I loved slips and petticoats. This was the late 50's when all the girls would wore several at a time. They were beautiful, with lots of lace and of many colors. I would sleep in their gowns with them, and there were many great weekends with my sister and her friends. My sister went into the army and left all her clothes at home. My mother bought me panties as my sister hips had rounded and I needed a smaller size. I would dress several times a week and go wherever I wanted to. When I was 20, I weighed 112 pounds and wore a size seven dress.

I met my wife "girlfriend" at college. I did not wear dresses at college, except on freshman initiation week. I had a ball with all the girls looking up my dresses to see what I had on. I started wearing my
girlfriend's clothes and also her mothers petticoats. Her mother had to get used to the idea, but accepted it. I received a degree in Chemistry and we got married soon after. We were married for 25 years until she died of cancer. Part of the female feelings came out. I was there for her every minute that I could. We had two boys, and I was a good dad to them. I was one of my son's heroes in a report he had to write for school. I was in Scouts, YMCA Indian Guides, baseball, football, soccer, etc. I was either a leader or an assistant. I was voted "Father of the Year".  I taught, and still teach Sunday school, vacation bible school etc. I kept my fun away from church and work, as there are probably more self-righteous people in church than anywhere else, and you can never tell about work. There is always a way to get rid of you.. I have some friends in church and at work that do know all my secrets. I wore my dresses, slips, and, yes, my petticoats most nights that I was not busy with the kids.

I am now 58, retired, with 32 years with one company, and have a closet full of ladies' wear. I collect slips and petticoats. I buy the other clothes, dresses, skirts, blouses, panty hose, etc to wear with them. I have not had a pair of men's underwear in 40 years. I am myself around my friends and the apartment complex, but since moving to Houston, I have not made a lot of public appearances, except in stores buying things. I have over 200 slips, half slips, and many petticoats. It is getting hard to find pretty ones anymore. I am dating a lady who is going to make a few for me. We will have to give this time to see where it is going.

I hope that those of you who have the need can be as happy as I. It is bad when you have to hide who you are, and it never works out when you have to hide your crossdressing. Major things happen when you are caught. This is my story and I hope that you enjoy it. It would be fun to hear of others'
adventures with crossdressing. I really believe that we are born with the  need to be part lady. It is truly fun when you are giving the opportunity to live this part of your life. Good luck! Jerry

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