My mum always wanted a daughter I guess, 'caus until my sister was born, she'd dress me in her frillies when I was very young and make me take them off before dad got home. This of course stuck with me during my school days, and I'd sneak my mum's clothes whenever I could. From about ten years up I had a very close friend called Amanda. I spent a lot of time at her house, and I sure remember the day she showed me a party dress and said, "You could be my girlfriend, lets dress up!" So there I was, stiff petticoat, pink dress and white socks--all the trimmings! She thought it was great, did my (longish) hair and then her mum came home! Well we both got a little scared but mum walked in and said, "If you are eating dinner here you'd better be careful with the dress!"

So I kept it on all evening. I was a bit too young to get aroused then, but thinking about it sure turns me on now! Amanda got me into all her clothes at one time or another, even her school uniform with grey pleated skirt and socks...I often wonder what she's doing today!

I was lucky enough to get a free petti from that wonderful Tessy a year or so ago, and just love to wear it whenever I can. I even share it with my girlfriend sometimes. I am lucky enough to have a lady that enjoys our petticoat activities!

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