Rhonda Risque's First Encounter

I first cross-dressed in the fall of 1959. I began by wearing some of my mother's clothes. I would wear a dress, slip, bra, girdle, stockings, and scarf. I often looked at myself in the mirror and enjoyed what I saw. I regretted that my mother didn't have any petticoats. Sometimes I would put on several petticoats to try and create a fuller look.

Finally, about 1961 or 1962, my mother bought a nylon chiffon, two-layed petticoat. I started wearing this when I could. I had long been envious of the girls in my classes who wore many petticoats in different colors. I can remember seeing department stores with whole sections devoted to petticoats. Incredible!

After several confrontations with my parents, I stopped cross-dressing about 1967 and didn't do it again. In 1979, I resumed and this time bought my own clothes. I also went public for the first time, attending the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco and going to adult movie theatres. I bought many petticoats and enjoyed wearing them with dresses with full skirts. I also wore a bra, girdle, stockings, wig, and full make-up. I enjoyed the feel and look of them. Sometimes, people wanted to look at my petticoats and even count them.

I must say that taffeta and nylon chiffon petticoats feel best, although some crinoline petticoats are pretty. I am still intrigued by the petticoats which Judy Garland wore in the 1954 version of "A Star Is Born." It reminded me of similar ones I had seen in the 1950's. These were usually white petticoats with red or black trimming. They were very full and stiff.

Part of the fun of wearing petticoats is twirling around while looking in the mirror. You see all of the layers of material and, if you're wearing a girdle or garter belt, you may catch a glimpse of the stocking tops and garters. It's very sexy.

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