Warning to those who care: Contains sexally explicit material!


The joy and ecstasy I experienced this past Halloween as an adult male masquerading in the night as a poufbunny made me reflect back to the first time many years ago, when, for the first time, I felt the tingle and thrill of satin, silk, nylon and chiffon. I was about twelve years old and unaware of the drastic changes that were about to overcome my well being and sexuality on that special Halloween night in 1956.

Up until this point in my life I was a typical bike-riding boy with a slingshot in my back pocket and a frog under my hat. Baseball, swimming, fishing and muskrat trapping were the main pursuits in my red blooded male existence. I do remember going to various birthday parties for friends and relatives, where the girls would all show up in the daintiest frilly pink chiffon party dresses, the sight of them causing me to go weak in the knees. I never understood that. I would stand dumb-founded with my jaw hanging at the sight of a sweet young girl dressed in all her finery. From the goldilocks blond curls to the lacy ankle sox, overshadowed by the delicate organza hems of all her beautiful petticoats and crinolines, I stood in awe of these very fortunate young ladies. One young lady even had the elegant demur to display her beautiful ruffled silk panties while trying to sit gracefully on the couch to enjoy her cake and ice cream.

My time for being a sissy boy was coming, and I was totally unaware of what was to befall me or how I would react to this new sensational experience. My life would change forever in the days quickly approaching Halloween of that year.

The kid across the street had invited all the boys and girls in the neighborhood to a spectacular Halloween party, a few days before the actual holiday itself. We all planned for weeks on end how we each would disguise ourselves for the night. I was mesmerized by robots or mechanical men and decided I would come as a local TV robot called MR. Rivets. For weeks I gathered the junk and parts that would soon become my costume for the best Halloween night ever, or so I thought.

The parts and items for my Mr. Rivets costume were left outside on the front porch every night after dark, when I went inside to eat dinner and do homework. On the day before the Halloween party, it rained heavily, destroying the silver painted cardboard boxes that served as the main part of my mechanical man outfit. By Halloween night, my disguise was in total ruin and I had no other outfit to wear to the party. Besides, everyone was expecting me to show up as Mr. Rivets.

My mom, feeling very bad for me, offered a solution that was hard to take. It seems my older sister had been in a dance recital a year or two earlier and had this beautiful blue satin majorettes costume. The skirt had multi-colored red white and blue satin panels arranged in a full swirl pattern. The coordinated tap shoes were of black patent leather, adorned with tiny silver tassels on the shoelace. I was horrified and mortified that I would be going as a girl, but something in my " id " challenged me to do it anyhow. I wanted so much to go to this party; all the neighborhood kids would be there.

First Mom demanded I take a bubble bath in sweet smelling lilac bath salts, and then spray myself down with a lightly scented toilet water. About the time I decided to don the dress, my sister had just come home from a friend's house, and she agreed to help Mom dress me in my costume. She took great joy in creating a kid sister out of her little bratty brother.

The skirt and bodice were all one piece and I slipped it over my head. "Sis" zippered up the back and synched me in tightly. Before I put on the satin dance panties, I slipped up a pair of green nylon panties that said "Friday" on them. Mom thought that, since it was very cold out that night, I should slide into a pair of her nylons for warmth. The only pair she had was her best ones, with a very dark seam up the back leg. We gartered the silk stockings under the pearl white satin dance panties with a large elastic band.

Upon my feet were placed a dainty pair of short white nylon sox with a frilly lace top. Placed over my sweet little sox were a pair of black patent leather tap shoes with a thin delicate ankle strap that hugged the top of my ankle. The skirt was lacking pizzazz as Mom made me put on two multi-colored nylon net crinolines under the red, white and blue satin skirt panels. Now the skirt gently laid atop the taffeta outer layer of the petticoats, where any movement cause the skirt to swish and sway over the top of the puffy material. We decided one crinoline was enough, and the skirt now relaxed to a more normal "A" line appearance. The multi-colored satin skirt now rested to a point just above my knobby knees that really looked pretty good cloaked in the silk stockings. The nylon netting under my pretty satin skirt was scratchy, and I complained of it many times while dressing. "Sis", of course, told Mom that the late October night sky was quickly turning to November and the night wind was kicking up. To Relieve my discomfort and protect me from the cold damp night air, "Sis" gave me one of her shiny nylon half-slips to wear under my skirts. It did look delightfully elegant, so soft and smooth with a four-inch lacy border around the hem. How it would keep me warm puzzled me, but it did feel good lying between my sleek stocking legs and the layer of scratchy crinoline petticoats.

When it was suggested I wear makeup, I resisted until I saw the pretty red lipstick Mom picked out for me. It was called Hazel Bishop lipstick and was guaranteed not to come off. They laughingly said I would be kissing sweet for the post office game--then they giggled. I think they really enjoyed humiliating me. A touch of rouge on my cheeks, and a dab of eyemakeup brought about the finishing touches of my femininity. The majorette's hat had an attached blond wig of curls and ringlets dangling down to my shoulders. I was on my way to the party and Mom stopped me at the door to wrap my bare shoulders in a soft white cardigan sweater. She suggested I try wiggling by derrière a little more as I walked. Mom and "Sis" had a good laugh at my expense as the door closed behind me and I stood out on the streets of town dressed as a very pretty young girl. I am glad it was very dark and I only had to walk two blocks to the party.

The short walk was quite a new experience, as I made fruitless efforts to keep the wind from blowing my satin skirt and nylon petticoats all over the place. At one instance, the entire skirt flew right up in my face as I was crossing the street. Some young roughs driving by in a car yelled some catcalls and obscenities directed towards my delicate person.

When I arrived at the house party, the hostess, Mrs. Sharp, opened the door for me and welcomed me to her son's Halloween party. Inside the house was every kid in the neighborhood, gathered in the center of the room, sipping on cider and hot chocolate. No one knew who I was! They were all waiting for the mechanical man.

First on the agenda that night was the grand parade. We walked around the room, passing some adults, both men and women, aunts and uncles, who sat in as judges of our costumes. There were typical pirate costumes, witches, ghosts and scarecrows. Mine was the only costume not related to the holiday. When the marching was all over and the votes in, I won first prize, hands down! Then came the unveiling of our costumes. I was really embarrassed now; that I had to reveal I was a boy disguised as a pretty girl. All had a good laugh; many congratulated me except my two best buddies, Joey and Larry. The next event of the evening was a talent contest. Since I was in tap shoes, I did a little dance routine I had watched my sister do over and over. While dancing, my petticoats became aloft in the air as I would turn and spin, revealing my satin ruffled panties to the whole room. When I dance-kicked high, my knees would flounce the front of my skirt up in my face and display the lacy tops of my silk stockings, that were beginning to droop again.

We all sat down at a long table to eat ice cream and cake. Joe sat on my right and Larry on my left. As the food was being served the two boys were tormenting me by running their dirty hands and fingers up my silkened legs and trying to penetrate my satin panties, roughly grabbing at my little penis. One would distract me by pulling the curls on my wig, while the other would pinch my ass or squeeze my little tities. I tried to move to another seat, but Joey managed to follow me. When no one was looking Larry crawled under the table and took a photo of my beautiful little nylon slip, petticoat and ruffled panties, as I sat exposed to the world under the tablecloth. The Polaroid photos were quite interesting. There I was for the entire world to see, a fluff of nylon, silk satin and chiffon. No one could see my face so I didn't really care.

In spite of the two ruffian friends, I was having a great time. All the girls were paying much attention to me and admiring my outfit. Susie was running her delicate little hands over the slick satin covering my chest, causing my nipples to harden at her touch. Margie was fascinated with the smooth round feel of the satin panties as she stroked my rear whenever I would bend over. Her touch caused a strange swelling in the tight crotch of my panties that was accompanied by a tiny dampness. I liked this feeling the most. All night I let the girls fondle me as much as they wanted.

Later as we played "Pin the tail on the donkey", where the boys had additional fun at my expense. Blind folded, I groped toward the target with pin and tail in hand. Joe used his plastic sword and lifted the hem of my satin skirt and outer petticoats up high enough so all could see the ruffled satin dance panties I was wearing. By now, my silk stockings were sagging and my seams were crooked as all hell. After that game, I excused myself and went to the powder room to straighten my underpinnings. Outside the bathroom all I heard were catcalls and howling over my costume. The two boys managed to pry open the door and burst into the toilet just as I had my panties down around my ankles. Flash bulbs went off everywhere as I struggle to pull up my satin ruffled dance panties and quickly buttoned them. My skirt and crinolines were all fluffed over my head; at least they hid my face until Joey tried to pull off my slip and panties in front of the whole crowd. Mr. Sharp escorted Joey and Larry outside and told them to go home.

With those two beasts gone, the rest of the evening was sheer delight. We played post office and I spent much of the night in a closet with one young girl after another. They all wanted to kiss me and feel my pretty clothes. I even let Bonnie pull my panties down and touch my hardened penis. Susie loved the soft feel of my raised little nipples through the satin covering. I let her unzip my top and pull the tunic down around my waist as she sweetly kiss each nipple. In turn she would allow me to squeeze her budding breasts under her costume.

Just then Mr. Sharp came in the closet and chased her out. He stood over me as I lay on the floor half undressed from the top down. Mr. Sharp helped me to my feet and zipped my dress back up. He said, "Are you all right?" Just then, he closed the door behind him, took me by the shoulders and forced me to kneel on the floor of the closet, directly in front of him. Unzipping the fly of his trousers, he pulled out an enormous penis and touched my face with it. He positioned the head of his dick toward my lips with one hand while he held my head in position by the back of my hair with the other hand. He demanded I kiss the head of his long shaft with my ruby red lips. He was hurting me with the strength in both his hands. I gently kissed the smooth hard end of his penis. "Again! again!" he growled! I did it several times until it felt good to me too. It wasn't long before he was shooting a hot sticky liquid all over my lips. It had a sweet flavor much like honey. He placed the member back in his pants and helped me up, warning me not to tell anyone about the incident. I kept it quite all these years. He is dead now and I don't believe he really hurt me.

Margie came in the closet to see if I was okay and I told her not to say anything. It turns out she was standing by the door and heard it all. We left the party together early and sat in the back of her dad's car where I cried in her arms as she lifted my skirt, fondled my petticoats, counting and stroking them and then very slowly removed my half-slip, dance panties and nylon under panties. Then she delicately and beautifully tongued my hardened little penis until it creamed. She did it over and over again until I begged her to stop. Margie helped me get properly dressed again and walked me home where we said goodnight at my door. As we parted, she gave me one last squeeze on my ass. Ever since that time, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, in spite of Joey, Larry and Mr. Sharp. It's dear little Margie I think of often and that sweet licking she gave me with her tongue as I laid half-naked with my panties, skirt, slip and crinolines all over the back seat of her dad's car.

My two best friends Joey and Larry would play with me no more, calling me a sissy boy. Margie, Susie, Bonnie and I spent many a joyful hour dressing up in their frilly party dresses. Each girl would fight over me and insist I wear her dress and petticoats. They would have a contest judging which outfit I looked best in. The winner got to kiss me on the lips and an opportunity play with my hardened penis, while the others all watched. Often, I would let them take turns fondling me or spanking my bare behind. We spent many a hot summer afternoon in these activities, sharing secrets like little sissy sisters. We still write each other from time to time and reminisce over those long bygone days of our innocent sissy childhood and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Real Boys are Pigs and Sissy boys are lovers!

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