Conceptualization by Peter

My first experience that awakened a strong fascination with pettis occurred in my first year of high school in the late 50's. I had just started to date and was going out with a girl that wore as many as three pettis at a time. This wasn't unusual at that time, as most of the girls wore either pencil thin skirts or dresses and skirts with a lot of fullness. Cora seemed to try to fill her skirt with the maximum number of slips she could put under it. We had been dating for a while and I noticed she always let her slips show a bit when she sat down in class. I saw her on a few occasions pull her skirt up to expose 2 or 3 inches of lace.

In history class she sat a couple of seats behind me and in the next row. On a spring day she wore one of her favorite skirts and under it was a new pink petti with white lace. She knew well enough by this time that I paid special attention to her when she wore the full skirts and lacy slips. As I glanced back she smiled and slid down in her seat a bit. This caused her slip to spread out a bit and begin to touch the floor. She spread her knees a bit but all I could see was the lace on her slip pushed between her legs. I turned back so I wouldn't draw attention, but it wasn't long before I looked back again. This time I looked at the slip first and saw she had crossed her legs and I thought I saw white lace on her legs. She was smiling at me then sat up to straighten her skirt and slips.

As was our custom, I met her after school to walk her home. The walk home was always great, as we flirted and teased each other a lot. However any real talk of sex was taboo in the 50's. Cora's parents did not allow us in the house alone so we would sit in her back yard and neck. I couldn't get to brave because the houses were close together. This day we walked through the park and the conversation turned to her new petticoat. We stopped and she lifted her skirt a bit to display the object of our mutual interest. The pink petticoat was layered, three I believe, and edged with white lace on the outer layer of material. There were a couple more layers to make it stand out. She asked if I liked her pettis. I guess I must have turned red but I admitted that I thought about them at times and when I daydreamed I always pictured her in full skirts. She smiled and we continued to her house and went into the yard. I sat on the retaining wall as she put her books away. My mind raced, thinking about how I could see her slips. She came back out and, as our routine, I walked over to her and we started to kiss. I was standing on the grass and Cora was on the first step going into the house. We had progressed to the point where we were holding each other tight, and I picked her up and let her slide down against my body until her feet were on the grass. This caused her skirt and petti to slip up. She stepped back and asked if I would like to see her petticoat and she lifted her skirt higher than before. She then lifted her petticoat to display white ruffled pettipants that were mid-thigh in length. This pretty well did it for me and she stepped forward with only her lacy panties between us and her skirt and slip up under our chins. I'm pretty sure when we pulled away she saw the wet spot on my pants. 

Fortunately this was the start of many great walks home. We continued to date and eventually go steady until I went off to school. Cora was a tease and I know she realized that she could get my attention with just a flip of her skirt or flashing her pettis when she walked by.

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