In second or third grade my sister Jody (who was five years older than I) and I would
negotiate when she wanted me to play house with her. I always wanted to play the
dog, she wanted me to be the little sister or a baby. I don't remember anything about
these situations, except I know she had to play matchbox cars with me several times.
Of course this meant that I must have had to play the baby or a little girl. Wish I could
remember this. I don't think they tortured me much, hence the lost memories.

But, just after we had moved and I was in the fourth grade, I must have done something really wrong that my sister had one on me. One day after school she came down to the basement where I played, and got me to come upstairs and play dress up. Her two best friends were there, I don't remember her second friend, but her first buddy, Carol Bolts, this little 9 year old had one crush on her. This was in 1957, petticoats were king, and these three 9th graders had plenty. I remember standing in the middle of them with just my Roy Rogers underpants on, kind of embarrassing for a little guy. You know girls really have a good time dressing up boys into little girls. (It's actually a conspiracy, you know, how getting a friend to join your club or buy something you just bought makes you feel good, well, they are recruiting boys to be girls. They use all that great stuff to turn us on and than we can't stop! Oh sorry --  another story).

Anyway, there I am almost naked (I must have done something really bad) and out from the closed comes a cardboard box with stuff just my size (see, how could that be?) I remember the little petticoat, Diane had me hold her shoulder as I stepped into it. She slowly raised it up, making sure it bumped my little parts as she turned me and tied it. My sister reached up under the petticoat and slipped Roy Rogers down. I don't know, can Trigger get excited at nine years old? I don't know, I hope so, cause Diane was so cute, and she had me hold her shoulder again as she slipped red lacy nylon panties on me, I'm sure she made them bump the bits and pieces on purpose, I hope so. They fit loose, think they miscalculated my size. I got another turn as my sister slipped this soft blue dress over my head, Diane was tying a bow in the back. I remember this as my first dress, it was simple but looked ok when they slipped the white apron over it and tied that at the back also. I think the third girl was working on my hair while all this was going on. This petticoat really made my legs happy and of course hooked me. (The petticoat is like a little girl's main battle tank, it converts so many of us, we drop like flies!) Sweet Diane turned me again and sat me on the edge of Jody's bed, I think Red Rover was showing they really liked me sitting for some reason. Jody and Diane added little socks with lace at the ankle and sorry folks, your's truly can't remember the shoes. So I am going to ask you, what shoes do you think they put on me? That's the end of the story, I don't remember standing in front of a mirror, wish I could, I can picture it, and it must have had a good impact on me. My wish came true later in life, I had two of the sweetest little girls you ever saw, and as a dad I was never afraid to go into a store and buy them pretty little dresses, blue ones with white pinafores. Oh and one thing I do remember about that day and my first dress and petticoat:  When my sister and her other friend left the room to get something, sweet Diane reached up under that pretty soft petticoat and with her fingers gave me the sweetest little squeeze and one finger on her lips for me to be quiet and keep a secret! .......always have to this day, don't think she would mind, she probably doesn't remember, but Trigger will never forget.

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