Shelley accepts a wonderful suggestion! 

Back around 1959, my twin brother and I were milling about the house, bored and looking for some adventure. My oldest sister suggested dressing us up in her Sunday Best! Instantly, I relished the chance to wear my sister's frills. My identical twin was less than enthusiastic and cared little about such things. I, on the other hand have always loved petticoats and was driven mad by the luscious, mysterious rustling noises they made.

Anyway, Our sisters got us dressed up and then allowed us to prance around the house to our heart's content! I remember that my brother couldn't get out of his dress fast enough, but what I remember most of all was getting the chance to pee like a girl! Yes, I couldn't wait to hike up my petticoats and sit on the potty like my sisters. I loved this experience so much, but oddly, it would be many years later, mid 60's, before the chance would arise once again. 

On this second occasion, my parents left my twin and me alone for the afternoon because our dad coached a little league team that my brother and I had dropped out of. Shortly after our parents left on their twenty mile trip, my brother and I dashed into my mother's closet to find her square dancing petticoats. My brother was probably prodded by me to join in the fun, since I was the one who most enjoyed this chance. We quickly disrobed down to our underwear and socks and slipped on those wonderfully feminine garments! After parading about for a short while, we heard a car driving down our long driveway. To our horror it was our family car headed back to the house. Our mother was at the wheel and was barreling down the drive. Our parents had forgotten some baseball gear, so our mother was returning home to fetch it. With our hearts beating wildly, my brother and I rushed into the master bathroom and stripped off the luscious petticoats and then looked for a place to quickly hide them. Our only thought was to cram them between the toilet and the end of the tub! This was the dumbest place we could have chosen, as my mother made a beeline for the bathroom and immediately discovered the petticoats tightly wedged around the toilet. Fortunately, our mother just quietly asked us to put our clothes back on and then told us to get in the car, that she was taking us back into town with her.

Nothing more was ever said about this "petticoat romp" and it was many, many years later that I would again be able to delve into my interest in petticoats via the Internet. That last experience deepened my love for petticoats, but it cured my brother once and for all! 

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