Last month I had a very unique experience:

An all male wedding is something that isn't new to many. I had heard of one my uncle was in 20 years ago, but never saw it.

Our local Rotary Club had this idea, and eventually I was chosen to be one of the bridesmaids. The cast was a bride & groom, six maids and their escorts, plus
two flower girls. (two lucky 8-year old boys.)

We were fitted at a bridal shop. We recouped all expenses and made $6,000.
Light blue chiffon dresses, tea length. All accessories of course: hat, gloves, heels & velvet chokers.

Lingerie was to be bra, full slip, tap pants, garter belt & white stockings.  What an outfit!

I must say that when I was made up fully, I was lovely.  I had never been fully dressed as a women in public, and it was really quite something. We had dancing at the reception, and the feel of the lingerie as I moved was fantastic. Now I know what my crossdressing friends are so excited about.

The only negative was the 2 or 3 times I had my bottom patted and grabbed. Also, whispers to the effect that I was lovely and that, upstairs, the gentleman would be glad to give me something special.  I was mortified. But now I understand what pretty women put up with. I learned my lesson.

I did feel sorry for the two boys who were completely sissified as flower girls. Maybe they will write you in ten years.

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