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May 6, 1950 - going to hotel after marrying Conrad Nicholas Hilton.
From "Images of Our Times - 60 Years of Photography" (Los Angeles Times)


     (above left) 1954 holiday picture (right) on the set of Suddenly Last Summer (1959)

(left) 1950     (right) 1948


(above left) ...arriving at the 1949 Academy Awards

... with Grace Kelley
From John N.


(above L three) With Eddie Fisher

...first wedding gown - 1950
Married to Nicky Hilton


...with Spencer Tracy on the set
of Father of the Bride (1950)

From Crinolyn  





Elizabeth Taylor
by John Engstead, 1948


Here, Liz is wearing a most interesting shirred dress

Photo by A.L. Whitey Schafer, 1951


Liz with Montgomery Clift (Probably publicity
 picture for the 1951 film, "A Place in the Sun")


Miss Taylor in a nice poufy dress
 (with a little 'train'?),
giving an award (probably in the 50s)





Here is a picture of Elizabeth Taylor,
the bottom half of which we'd all love see!

Receiving her Oscar after being named best actress for her part
 as the amateur call-girl in Butterfield 8, 21st April 1961



Liz at the Oscars
in 1953


Probably from a film, the title of which we are unaware

This from John N.




In 2011, this Hollywood icon passed away. 
Ace has sent us a few pictures of

Elizabeth Taylor
in her halcyon days, but this one from 1952, in color, is the best of the lot.  So we present it in her honor...rest in peace, violet-eyed angel.



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