What Do I Do Now?

.....said the bored Poufbunny


This area was suggestion by Liesel, and she started us off. You, too, can share your ideas!

Frou-Frou and Can-Can to your heart's delight! Cheerleading is fun too!

Pull your many pettislips up to adjust your stockings and garters. Remember, men may be watching, so be discreet!

Twirl and dance until your pettis reach your outstretched hands!

Line dance--kick those legs up in the air! Pretend you are a Rockette!

Go down stairs quickly!

Sit down and practice skirt management* --just enough of those frillies show be showing--but not TOO much. And make sure you have smoothed your pettis under your heinie. Alternatively, let them billow up around you!

Make sure all you pettis are laying flat--adjust them layer by layer--this could take some time!

Add and subtract layers until that skirt looks JUST right!

Relax on the bed or couch, with your pettis smoothed down (or mussed up!). Think about the beauty of it all and how your life is enhanced by these beautiful garments.

Pretend that you are going out on a date: Get that "just right" combination of pettis and crinolines to intrigue!

Elaine Flowers writes: "We all have our mirrors and cameras, etc. ... try rigging up ultra violet light!  It is an incredible experience and really highlights white pettis especially, great for those low angle and upskirt shots too!!  You haven't been frillied till you've tried this!!"

* Read Tessy's article, Skirt Training Fundamentals (for adults)

Climb the monkey bars!

Roll down the hill!

Do somersaults!

Climb that tree!

Skip rope! But Marilyn cautions you to watch your fluffy skirts when the rope comes up in the back! Could be difficult!

Look embarrassed as you try to keep your pettis from showing as the wind whips them up! Alternatively, DON'T look embarrassed. REVEL in it! Loose yourself in all that femininity!

Go motorcycling in a full petticoat and let the wind pouf it! (Remember the TV show "You Asked for It?"

Skydive in a petti -- it will appear as TWO parachutes! (Let us all know so we can tape it! <g>)

Lampshade Gowns are gorgeous! I myself have this treat down to a 'T', and have also found coloured bulbs & ultra violet light VERY exciting (the latter especially with an opaque or semi transparent skirt & white petticoats)!  Here is another.

Stand near a powerful hassock fan with it's forceful gale blowing up your skirts and petticoats. Struggle with all your might to hold down your beautiful pettis, but allow just enough error to show of your lacy ruffled panties. Or, just watch the sweeping air have its way with your skirt. This is especially delicious while wearing three inch high heels. If you can do this in front of a full length mirror it becomes very exciting.

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