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May April Smatterings

4 Jun


More PROPER tailgating
John N. 

  A gem from Pond Girl Allison's  (Betty Jane's)
resurrected pictures
here) - frou cache

Vision on the balcony, from Jean L.

We would surmise this is CosPlay
From Kristi

3 Jun


Liz with children, 1956
John N. 

Extending her charm

Retro, from Jean L.

Bed fun

2 Jun


An Emma Watson appearance

From John N. 

For our Swings section

Two more originals from Monica Talbot
(See 31 May)
Petti/corset section

From Kristi

1 Jun


An article including actress
Michelle Keegan in this cute frock

From John N.  Another picture of her

A bit of a perky twirl...

Liz with Montgomery Clift (Probably publicity
 picture for the 1951 film, "A Place in the Sun")

On the up side for the ladies, cage crinolines served as an effective
way to ward off unwanted advances; not so "up" for the gentlemen
From Sylvia Marie

Note change in yesterday's third entry

"How many clouds of scented lace kiss each other under your skirt?"  
C. Govoni (1884-1965)

A fetching lass, enveloped in tulle,
declaring, defining the beauty of Man(kind)
Slim of waist, contours of mystery.
Dark tresses which defy description,
a mantel of the soul.
She leads on, unaware of her uniqueness--
Classic, haunting,
Deep auras of eyes
Deep vibrations from the heart
Deep color of the gentleness of her inner self.
I see jealousy
I see my yearning to take her place
I see, also, my utter, deadening sadness.
Tes Staylace -- July 12, 1992
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