Welcome to Petticoat Pond's Video Archive!

It had come to our attention that some Poufbunnies were
having difficulty viewing the older videos that are on
The Pond. With this in mind, we tried to make a
standardized collection of all of our older video clips
in 'Flash Video' format.

Unfortunately ADOBE the "owner of FLASH Software" pulled
the plug and many of the clips need to be reformatted to work
within HTML5.

Crinolyn had started to do this but stopped due to a death in
her family but finally completed this work by rewriting the
the code for all of the clips and reformatting them in the
newer .MP4 format.

That was 180+ html files, 360+ images and 187 video clips.


Featured Videos

Latest Additions !

The beginning of a
HBO-MAX movie
The Human Voice.

A tribute to
Cigarette Girls

Petticoats in

Peeping Toms

Playing with petticoats.
- In no particular order. -

Oh Land
Audition Day Live

1950's Fashion
Show Clips

Clips from ABC's series
"Once Upon A Time"

From an Australian children's show.

GUO PEI Haute Couture S/S Show 2017

Alexis Mabille H.C. F/W Show 2017-2018>

Music Hall CanCan

Sexy Vintage Petti
from the 50's

A scene from"A
Million Ways to
Die in the West

A scene from"A
Million Ways to
Die in the West

Love In The Old South from Love American Style (1999)

(Russian 'Boogie Woogie' "demo.")

(Russian 'Boogie Woogie')

"Tchaikovsky", Dance
of the Little Swans"

Doris Mayday
from TLC

Couture For Dance

A clip from "Crusing Down The River" (1957)

Viva Maria!,
Brigitte Bardot
and Jeanne Moreau

Cyd Charisse
from Silk Stockings

Mel's Dinettes

A clip from
ABC's Baby Daddy

From BBC's
Ordeal by Innocense

Today I married
My Husband

A clip from
Jazz Boat 1960

House of Pleasure,
1952, French

A clip from
The Mad Miss Manton

From BBC's
Come Dancing

Sanremo Song Festival

Susan Maugham,
singing Bobby's Girl

Une Parisienne,
1957 starring
Brigitte Bardot

Ashle & Blake's
Dancing With The Stars

From Biology
Music Video

Can-Can clip


Square Dance Dress,
from Tokyo

From the movie

From a
Lawrence Welk

From a
Lawrence Welk

Imatating a
Japanese Pop song
Candy Candy

Memories of that
magic moment

From the movie

From the movie
Inside Daisy Clover

Amy Sedaris on
Letterman January 2005

Amy Sedaris on
April 27th 2005

Grace Kelly
from Rear Window, 1954

Presenter from
French game show

Teenage Prom
dance scene

Scene from
Peggy Sue Got

Texas Cheerleaders
on parade

Rihanna, on
stage singing;

Uncrowded petti's
at COSPLAY event

A scene from
Wendy Wu:
Homecoming Harrior

Dressing scene from
Where The Boys Are

Undressing scene from
Where The Boys Are

A bride
encountering the

Blythe Danner
sings in the musical

Agatha Ruiz
de la Prada


Barbara Steele
plays a sympathetic

Pam Hogg's Great

fashion show

Vanessa Lachey
dances with,
Alan Bersten

Cinderella Petticoat Twirling

Modeling a long soft white petticoat

Modeling a long and soft blue petticoat

Modeling a long and soft black petticoat with a corset

Twirl testing a long petticoat

An inflatable gown.

Different View
of the inflatable gown

Whitney Houston
I Wanna Dance
With Somebody

Square Dance on
a short lived
TV series

Carrie Underwood
Kristin Chenoweth

and Christina Applegate

A Lolita Fashion Show.

Vintage Video
of Francoise Hardy

June Aallyson
From the movie

A clip from; My Blue Heaven

Enhanced versiom
of previous

Clips from 27 Dresses

Extra clips from 27 Dresses

An appliance commercial from the 50's.

A taste of Garde Tanz from Germany.

Clip from Our Miss Fred staring: Danny La Rue.

A clip of Alice Lon.

TV ad for an Alice In Wonderland ballet.

Behind the scenes for that ballet.

Japanese POP singer Ayumi Hamasaki in concert.

Japanese POP singer Ayumi Hamasaki in concert.

A clip from the movie Female on the Beach.

Betty Page look-alike enjoys her petticoat.

From Rock Rock Rock 1956 with Alan Freed.

Teens dance to Saturday Morning by Fats Domino.

The King of Queens and the Apple Princess.

British humor in a TV show clip.

Cute little one with a song and dance.

A ballerina with an exceptional performance.

Tom-foolery from Benny Hill.

Betsey Johnson's designs from 2005.

Scene from the movie Bewitched.

Clip from a very early black and white German movie.

Bobby and Cissy from the Lawrence Welk show.

A clip from a Boogie-Woogie Competition.

A demo clip from the same Boogie-Woogie Competition.

Bridget Jones..

Caught by his mother in this movie clip.

Red Riding Hood for Chanel
Number 5

A windy wedding from Tiffany.

A clip fromThe Wizards of Waverly Place.

A young girl seems to be transported to the 50's.

Bride and bridesmaid in restroom.

A short clip from The Chicken Ranch.

A guest's video os a scene at Disney World.

Three clogging clips combined into one.

Christian Dior's
Haute Couture
Fall/Winter 2004-2005.

commercial from 1961.

Some costumes
that may be of

A Halloween
Dance scene from
an unknown movie.

Dancin' with
Bill Haley.

Clips of Audrey Hepburn from the movie Funny Face.

Karneval Girls on parade.

Clips from the movie Love In Limbo.

Shakin' Stevens
Marie Marie.

Joan Harrison in the movie Rebecca.

In Sync's "kids helping kids" presents Alice In Wonderland.

Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta..

Clip from Designing Women March 1992.

Clip from Designing Women September 1990.

Dolores del R�o
in the movie Bugambilia.

Designer's Concept Christmas Dress.

Dancing With The Stars
Helio & Julianne

Rhapsody Clothing at LA fashion week.

Rock and Roll from 1962

Sasha Lazin & Liza Drod
Sing Boy & Girl.

Dior fashion suitable for petticoats.

A version of
Dirty Dancing from TV.

Katherine Jenkins sings I Will Always Love You.

Modern Family Halloween Edition.

From a Russian Children's show.

Ballroom dance compition.

Clips of
John Galliano's Spring 1995 designs.

More Clips of
John Galliano's Spring 1995 designs.

50's Dancin' in Wettenberg Germany.

Shirley MacLaine and Dean Martin in What A Way To Go.

Crowded Crinies in COSPLAY event.

A fifties model show from Germany.

Clips of gowns from Gone With The Wind.

A "seductive" display of petticoats.

2014 New Years Day ballet preformance from Vienna.

Petticoats n' Cadillacs Part 1 of three.

Petticoats n' Cadillacs Part 2 of three.

Petticoats n' Cadillacs Part 3 of three.

Campy runway show for "Pettiskirts".

Little ones practice for their own runway show.

Azalea Trail Maids on parade.

Japanese commercial featuring ballerinas.

Japanese animation showing skirts blown by a helicopter.

A bouffant gown made of balloons.

The famous Elke modeles a bouffant dress.

From an Australian children's show.

From an Australian children's show.

From an Australian children's show.

Bride gets flipped in wedding gown.

A seductive French Maid.

From a hip hop dance contest.

A unique presentation of "pettiskirts".

Japanese pop singer Koharu Kusumi.

"New Look" describing the fashions of the late 40s.

A German Prima Ballerina of the ice.

Slow motion Square Dancers.

Clip from Korean TV.

Ballet dancers playing for a private club.

Seductively modeling a tutu.

A petticoated girl and her boyfriend get surprized in their car.

Hoop skirt scene from Raintree.

Unknown Ballet dancer playing for a private club.

Clip from the movie The Story of Three Loves.

Solo Garde Tanz by Marie.

From the Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 14.