Great creations which display froufrou or hints of such!

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Earl MacPherson

Works by Gil Elvgren  

Three works by Harry Eckman

Three paintings by Art Frahm 

"Placing the Mirror"
by Robert Kemp

Another similar by him

Two pictures by the British painter, Laura Knight (1877-1970)

Iris' Erotic Art Collection

An interesting page of links to Iris' site which feature erotic art which contains petticoat images,
some by Masters, some by contemporary artists

(Please note that material blatantly of a sexual nature is included, for those who care) and

James Childs

(above left) 'L'innocente'


(above) Two by
Edward Runci - at right "Riding High" (1950)


From the cover of the Spring 2002 edition of The Journal

+Click here for original (full cover)

Photograph by Frances Johnston Benjamin
American photographer (1864-1952)



Spanish Master painter Diego Velázquez's
candid portrait of the Meninas family pays homage his era's tradition of dressing children like little adults.




"Vanity": a painting by
Jean Béraud


Artist: Julius LeBlanc Stewart (1855-1919)
FIVE O'CLOCK TEA  (1883 or 1884)



"This showed up on the Boston Museum of Fine Arts website.
If you look carefully, you can see lacey ruffles showing from the long
bloomers from under the beautifully laid out dress. Don't recall the artist."




A most beautiful painting by
John William Waterhouse,

"Ophelia" (1910)



David M.:

"I think the below painting may well be by John Singer Sargent, judging by its style and content.
His subjects appear to have slim features and long necks. To the right is an example of his work."

John Singer Sargent, American Painter 1856-1925


Winterhalter's painting of Empress Eugénie and her ladies-in- waiting. The Empress is sitting in the centre holding down her right hand to the flowers.

Courtesy David M.


Fabulous painting of

Marie Antoinette

Courtesy Kristi

Unknown artist


Wonderful painting by

Diego Velázquez

Courtesy Kristi


"Little Woman"

by O.L. Della-Vos-Kardovskaya

So charming!



Raphael Kirchner

“Im Ballhaus” (before 1917)



Silvia Verweeij

More of her work is here

(above left) Peter Driben  (center right) Vaughn Bass   (right) Enoch Bolles

(above left two) Bill Medcalf       (right) Bill Randal

Era pinup

Artist unidentified
(except possibly by initials?)

Sent by Crinolyn



Jack writes:

"Here are (three) illustrations by the classic pinup artist, Enoch Bolles, who worked from the 1910s to 1940s.  By most accounts his fashion sense (he also did fashion illustration) was smarter than any other pinup artist.  There is more of (his work) at my Flickr site at:"

(above) 15 March 1915 cover










Carole Jean:


Original French Pen & Ink Drawing + Watercolor, 1921
Fernand Couderc

 "Risque Art Deco Era Watercolor. Marvelous original artwork on paper; pen and
ink + watercolor of entwined, stockinged legs, pointing straight  up, surrounded
by flower petal-like layers of frou-frou lingerie. A great image for the art lover with a leg, lingerie, and panty fetish - love the garters!

"Couderc's illustrative work appeared in popular magazines, journals, advertising and posters in France during 1920s."


Porcelain figure:  "Sleeping in Corset"

(Staatliche Porzellan Manufaktur Meissen)


Ah! But milady's petticoat is most apparent!


Sent by Anton-Rupert B.

(below) Sonia sends these pictures of petticoated Irish Dresden figurines

Here are two  pertinent paintings
by William Russell Flint,
sent by
David M.

David M.:

"I recently come across some sumptuous images of 19th century women by James Tissot (1836-1902).
He certainly had to crop them quite severely, but the originals are freely available on the WWW."


(above) American illustrator, Harrison Fisher (1877-1934)


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