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Great creations which display the froufrou or hints of such!

All enlargeable

Erwin H. provides this artistic piece by Jesse Mathes,
with the following information:

"Personal Space - Crinoline"  (2003-4) 4' x 9' x 9'
1800 square yards of nylon netting, canvas, thread and buttons
Photo: Arthur Hash



"Pull Up a Seat"
by Clara Palmer

...from David. M.


A pleasant, soothing picture ('Downside Up')

by Hanah Lemkov

from David M.



'White Lace Dress'
by Cheerzombie

 from David M.




"At the Graveyard"
by Kawaii X

...courtesy David M.

There is something very especially female about wings...
even when they are black (ESPECIALLY when they are black)

 Kawaii's blog


'The Doll Princess'

by Countess Grotesque

Found by Mischa

Countess Grotesque's
Deviant Art page

Obsidian Lace designs


This appears to be a photographic work entitled:

"Case study - house no.21, Los Angeles, 1958"
by Julius Shulman

...from David. M.


Photography Legend
Cornell Capa

At left is an example of his work
(Art the way WE like it!)


KuroKawa Convention
Photos by Kayleigh
Model: Kassandra Leigh Purcell
(Goth Lolita)

Courtesy David. M.


'Tea Party Time, Part II', by Kayleigh
The stuff of dreams...

Left model: Kassandra Leigh Purcell

from David M.



'La Belle au Bois Dormant'
by Xiuhtecuhtli



"The Girl Who Was Pink II"

by Merid Nuada

...from David M.



Another sweet, wonderfully precious image from David M.
Makes one want to share her refuge

Model: Kassandra Leigh Purcell

The file is labeled:

'Tsutsumu, our Hidden Child,' by  Kayleigh




by Xiuhtecuhtli 






"Sailor Lolis"
by Loligoth2





What dastardly monster would cause fear in
 such a vulnerable girl (wearing such a frilly frock)?

Art for art's sake

Artist unknown



"Mail Order Bride"
by Mark Freebs

...from David M.

(below) This beautiful piece of work made our eyes stand out!  The filename contains "Betty".  Anyone know the artist?


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