Great creations which display the froufrou or hints of such!

All enlargeable


by Aqua Ninja Pirate

From Sonia - on the Deviant Art site



'Classic Lolita - Full Body'
by Eme Raude

Sent by David M.




Those creative Japanese...

'Black Butler Banquet 6',

by Shiroin

...from David M.


'Hungary of Axis Powers Hetalia'
(Part one and two)

by Wind of the Stars

Sent by David M.




by Aubli

Sent by David M.


'Flowers in Spring II&III'

by Mezzochan

Picture yourself in the middle!

Sent by David M.

(above left) Mutoscope about it...    (Two at right) Vargas

...from renown photographer
Cecil Beaton vintage magazine

-Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton CBE, (1904–1980)

Sent by Sugarbarre


'A Peek of Petticoat'
by Diesse April

from Dave M.



"Daisy Duck"

by Miss Cadence

...from David M.


by The Vampire Dred

So girly!

Sent by David M.



'Chobits 3'
by Alexneko

Sent by David M.



"Mauve Doll"

by Xutomu

...from David M.


Heart Attack II
by Vaunt Designs

from Dave M.



"This photo is of Zac Efron, portraying the Prince kissing
the beautiful porcelain Princess Aurora. And she awakes.
...part of the Disney Dream Portraits taken by Annie Leibovitz, and the first
 for the What Will You Celebrate? labeled: "Where True Love can be Celebrated"




'Cafe Paris'

by Baroud

Sent by David M.



Renowned photographer Elmer Batters'

"In the Park"



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