Gowns, skirts & dresses that LOOK Like Pettis

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(below right) Era actress Jean Peters


Not a petticoat, but fetchingly poufy all the same.
She looks quite pleased, no?

 Something delightful for every girl's heart (and every one of us!)




A skirt that looks like a petti,
from Italian Vogue,
October 2008.

From Abby Rhodes

 (above) Compliments of Priscilla --
from Vogue Magazine -- Tyra Banks at the 2000 Oscars.

Anne Klein (Compliments of Roberta)

(above) John writes,
"Here is a picture from a 2001 issue of the British Hello magazine, an article on retro fashions,
and this item in the pictures is labelled as a "mini-crini."

(above) 1955 wedding gown

(above) Vocalist April Smith


Wendy wanted to know whether this was a skirt or petticoat.  Well, I think we all recognize that there is really no distinction these days .  Innerwear is outerwear.  In the fifties, 'Crinoline Queen' designer Ann Fogarty maintained even then that she considered petticoats outerwear and (the de rigueur) slips underwear. Then again, she also said that a proper lady certainly did not show her (brassiere or slip) straps -- she would be chagrined at today's 'fashion,' where straps are "outerwear!"  But we suppose today's 'young-uns' view the the display of straps in the same way that Miss Fogarty viewed the peeking slip or petti: as flirtatious.  We do not think, though, that such a comparison is really analogous.

This is from the Blu Girl Spring, 2006 Collection

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