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(below) Otto from Holland sends these drilldancer/cheerleader images - The Senior Belles. 
Wish we could see more of this when we go to a football game!  We'd be at every one!



Curtis sends this attractive cheerleader image


"This is one of the the San Diego Charger Girls, dressed up for Halloween 2005. This particular costume (from 'Leg Avenue') is Little Miss Muffet - note  the spider on the apron."





(below) Curtis A. has sent a small collection of tutu-ed cheerleader images. The team is Football Club of Copenhagen, one of the top soccer (football) teams in Europe. Tops in cheerleading as well, we'd say! Also, here is the cheerleaders official site, which as more tutu pictures under the 'galleri' tab (they are probably going to wonder why they are getting so many visitors!  (Little do they know...)  Click to enlarge


(below) Curtis A. sends these delightful pictures of the Sacshe High School Swingsters of Garland Texas.  Garland seems to be the petti-ed cheerleader/drillteam capital of the world!  (You may remember the South Garland H.S. Southern Belles.) - CLICK TO ENLARGE THUMBNAILS

 "I think their costumes are great, love the big, fluffy pettis.  Dresses could be shorter, but still...I wish more dance teams would dress like this."







Crinolyn has found a site which features the Sachse Drill Team.
Below are a few examples:




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