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(Below) Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in their breast cancer awareness pink polka dot dresses with pettis;"     Source   


Halloween 2009:


(below) Curtis A:  "'Petti-swirling' cheerleaders. This is a group from Russian Soccer,  CSKA Moscow Cheerleaders. 
Russia is a cold place, but these ladies would warm things up a bit.
Here is a link with more photos of this group, in various costumes. Even one in a tutu.



A Tennessee Titans cheerleader, in costume for Halloween 2010

From Curtis A., who has started another Web group
like his previous one:
Hot Costume Girls II


Woodrow Wilson High School Sweethearts Drill Team
Dallas, Texas - seems Texas drill teams are generally poufy!

Source      From Nancy N.     

Woodrow Sweethearts Drill Team

From Abby Rhodes


Drill team The Stingerettes

From David S.


This picture of a member of the
Drill Team' seems a bit old

From Abby Rhodes


Members of the Bonhsm Wardancers, apparently a high school drill team 
From Julia  B.


(L) Plano W, High School
(R) Unidentified

From John N. 


Something similar

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