Sydni Snared in Sis' Dainties!

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 It was 1956...I was 14 and my sister was 16. Poodle skirts and crinolines were in fashion. I guess from the first time I saw one I was enthralled and hooked on pettis and full skirts. The first few times I sneaked into Sis' wardrobe I was meticulous. I always managed to replace her dainties EXACTLY
as I had found them. As they say, "familiarity breeds contempt". I became increasingly less careful in replacing her clothing. On more than one occasion, as my emotions ran amuck, I soiled her silky lacey panties. I managed to rinse things out and dry them with her bonnet style hair dryer
before anyone returned home. 

Eventually Sis became suspicious and started complaining to Mom that her undies and other delicacies had been disturbed. Since there was only the three of us, and Mom wasn't the offender, they deduced I had been rummaging through Sis' wardrobe. Mom got me alone one evening and I got the full lecture on privacy, bla, bla, bla!!!

Not to be thwarted, my obsession continued, as did Sis' complaints. Mom was at her wits end as she realized nothing she could say was going to stop me. On a particularly cool Fall afternoon I was indulging myself to the max. I knew I had the house to myself for the next several hours. Mom was at work and Sis had gone to a movie with her girlfriend.

So there I was...dressed to the "nines"...garter belt and nylons, a satin/lace bra (stuffed with Sis' foam falsies), a three tiered nylon petti under a stiff crinoline, Sis' favorite hot pink poodle skirt, a white angora v-neck sweater, three inch wide cinch belt, and white open toed 3" sandals. As I preened in front of the full length mirror Sis and her girlfriend, Lori, came in and confronted me.

I was mortified!!! To make a long story short, they forced me to remain dressed as I was...took snapshots with a Brownie camera...and paraded me in front of Mom when she came home from work. By this time Mom had had enough. She decreed that I was to "punished" and forced to dress in Sis' clothes for the entire weekend. Not only that...I had to accompany them marketing, shopping for clothing, and to a Saturday matinee with Sis and Lori dressed in whatever they felt was appropriate. They even dragged me to church in Sis' finest "Sunday go to meeting" satin and lace gown.

They took great delight in presenting me to everyone as "My son who just can't seem to keep out of our closets". Their theory was, of course, to embarrass me to such an extent that I would forever give up all interest in feminine clothing.

IT DIDN'T WORK!!! The very next week Sis came into my room early one morning demanding to know where her new full length satin nightie was. Boy, was she hopping mad when she saw me half awake...wearing it. 

The rest is history, as they say... All's well that ends well...Sis, and Mom  eventually gave up trying to undo the obvious. Sis and I became the best of friends and, to this day, take great delight in fooling as many men, and women, as we can.

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