Petticoats and Crinolines on The Tube
Pictures here are mostly enlargeable

Please take notice: These productions mostly contain lovely visions of bouffant skirts, particularly of the 50's style, and might show peeks of petticoats.
Very few show full petti-views (these will be noted). We are also now adding productions which feature classic crinolines and petticoat as well. You might
also review the corset film list located at here.

Many of the corset-era productions show gowns and petticoats as well!

Any rating comments obviously refer to the quality of the show vis-ŕ-vis frou-frou

If you think something is missing--tell us!

Note: All clips available here are for review purposes only, presented in order to entice the viewer to purchase the film in its entirety.
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Froufrou TV list -specials

THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR - Very occasional bouffant, mainly because the series was filmed in the fifties.  The episode, "The Rider" is a particularly good example. (VARIED)
ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS  - Occasional bouffant, mainly because the series was filmed during The Era. 
1957-1989 AMERICAN BANDSTAND Connie Stevens' appearance   Roberta Shore   Typical shot (VARIED)
2011-present AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- In at least the first episode ("Freak Show") there are many displays of petticoats, as well as petticoated dresses. & OTHERS
2006-present AMERICA'S GOT TALENT   By way of example, article and picture.
Sally Gould Dancers, 11 to 13 year old students (2011), last quarter of this video.
Flaming arrow stunt that went wrong.  
2001-present AMERICAN IDOL -- Occasionally, but consistently, contestants appear with petti-ed outfits.   Small example  Another on this page (VARIED)
ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW -- Not much, but occasionally there is a little treat, like the time  we see a display of various 50s little girl dresses.
1972-1985 ARE YOU BEING SERVED? -- Occasionally of interest.   Stills from a pertinent, unidentified episode MOLLIE SUGDEN
1950-1960 ARTHUR MURRAY PARTY   Sample video, with Johnnie Ray KATHRYN MURRAY
2007-present AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT   By way of example (VARIED CONTESTANTS)
BABY DADDY   S1E10 "Something Borrowed, Something Ben", specifically:    #1   #2    #3 CHELSEA KANE
1957-1962 BACHELOR FATHER -- Noreen (Kelly), as well as her friends, are seen en bouffant in skits now and then. NOREEN CORCORAN
THE BACHELORETTE -- Of occasional interest, as Britt Nilsson in 2015 season (VARIED)
1980- 1982 BARBARA MANDRELL AND THE MANDRELL SISTERS -- For those in areas fortunate enough to still receive telecasts of this show, she always did one dance number with her sisters during the hourly broadcast. Once in a while, she would dress in frou-frou and show a wonderful flurry of petticoats while doing her dance. I remember one show in particular about 50's rock & roll which I had once recorded but since lost it (sigh!!!!!). That was probably the best of the lot.  Review by Fred BARBARA MANDRELL
1969-1989 THE BENNY HILL SHOW -- One particular episode was stunning.  A Video example   (VARIED)
1958 THE BETTY WHITE SHOW --At least one episode is particularly
"Elle Mae, go and put on a nice party dress for our guests, here." <sigh>  
Click here for a fine Clampett image!  Video
BLUE PETER (children's show on BBC) 
1974-1983 LES BRIGADES DU TIGRE - French series  -- One particular episode, entitled "Visite incognito", contains some wonderful cancan images. (VARIED)
???? BRITAIN'S YOUNGEST BRIDE --  The full episode in Latvian or some such - you get the idea at 1 minute... (UNSPECIFIED)
1991-1993 BROOKLYN BRIDGE -- This delightful series featured many 50's period dresses and petticoats. The teenage actress on the show was almost always wearing appropriate clothing!  AMY AQUINO
THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW -- ...had more than its share of petti & hoop-moments over the years.    Video example
2013-2014 THE CARRIE DIARIES    Images
2009-present CASTLE -- A relatively recent picture
1949-1995 COME DANCING (in the UK) -- Documentary on ballroom dancing with plenty of pouf!    March 21,1968 Radio Times with COME DANCING on cover  Small vidclip from the show  Series of vidclips

Elaine Flowers writes: "There is a BBC video available from , of which about 50%  (of 47 minutes) includes the lovely frothy frocks many of us love so dearly.

1988-1989 COMING OF AGE -- One particular episode dwelled on square-dancing.   VidClip PHYLLIS NEWMAN
1960-present CORONATION STREET (in the UK) -- A relatively recent picture [VARIED]
1995-1998 CYBILL -- At least one episode displays petti/hoop CYBILL SHEPHERD
2005-present DANCING WITH THE STARS -- Consistent display of pettis   (VARIED CONTESTANTS)
1950s DATE WITH AN ANGEL  -- One particular episode ("Diane") features a lady being hoisted on a man's shoulder in a flurry of petticoats.
[Available on YouTube]
1965-1974 THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW -- Video sample   VHS tape - not available on DVD [VARIED]
1954-1959 DECEMBER BRIDE -- Lily Ruskin rustles! SPRING BYINGTON
1959-1963 DENNIS THE MENACE-- Dennis' nemesis, Margaret Wade, usually wore a bouffant dress when scolding him. Wouldst we have been there! JEANNIE RUSSELL
1986-1993 DESIGNING WOMEN-- There have been a few great moments, the best featuring the gals sitting on a couch while wearing the neatest square dancing attire!  Vidclip: There was also a great hoop scene (9/19/90)  (1MByte vidclip).  Tessy also caught a scene of interest in the episode entitled 'Four of a Kind' ('Odell') - a supporting actress wears a very poufy red ball gown.  Miss Burke seems to be fond of full skirts...
DICK VAN DYKE SHOW-- occasional bouffant in the early episodes   
1956-1963 THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY HOUR -- Miss Shore is in one fabulous dress after another, some of them very poufy.  A highlight in one episode was the 20 or so women dancers accompanying Van Johnson in a musical number.  Mouth watering swirling tea-length dresses with lots of pettis being flaunted, and some of the camera angles very low! Review by Beth DINAH SHORE
1988-1989 DIRTY DANCING    Vidclips:    #1      #2    #3      #4 AMANDA INGBER
2004-present DOC MARTIN  - British series  --  Stillclips KATHERINE PARKINSON
1958-1966 THE DONNA REED SHOW --Watch for the episode when Miss Fabares does a staged dance number with a short boy. Wow, the little costume she wears with a short petticoat and fabulous panties will make your heart race! Another episode of merit is the prom dance. The sweet number she wears is classic! It even rustles quite a bit. Another nice episode features Shelley as a modeling student, wearing some nice 50's confections.
Episode with guest star Roberta Shore   Hemming the dress   Homecoming dance
1976 DONNIE AND MARIE -- Marie looks great in fifties bouffant! MARIE OSMOND
? DOROTHY [BBC series]    Excerpt ?
DREAM ON --One episode features a scene where pettis are flying. #1  #2
2005-present DR. WHO (British) -- In one episode, Ms. Piper is wearing a poodle/poodle-ish skirt for its entirety.  In another episode, entitled 'The Magician's Apprentice', a character called 'Missy' is in Victorian style costume and is letting her petticoats show whilst sat down. BILLEE PIPER &
2004-present LA ESCLAVA ISAURA-- Argentine/Brazilian  Crinoline Era hoops   Stream (start at 6:50) [VARIED]
2005 THE FAIRIES (Australian) -- Here is the show's web site -- no pictures of real people in petticoats, though; but, maybe some video content in the future?"  Vidclips: #1   #2   The series site also has some vidclips.  More  Small picture
Recently, a DVD has become available containing images from the shows.             There are 3 clips in The Pond video library
1989-1998 FAMILY MATTERS -- One episode in particular shows the star in a froufrou-ed party dress.   Video JALEEL WHITE
1954-1963 FATHER KNOWS BEST --More prom stuff on Betty Anderson!  And watch put for the episode where little Kathy decides to change from tomboy to proper girl - not only does she wear a bouffant dress, but there is a lingering shot of the petticoat she is going to wear (by itself!).  ...and more!
2002-2004 FIREFLY: THE SERIES --Futuristic hoopskirts [VARIED]
1996 FOX AFTER BREAKFAST (a/k/a "The Vicki Lawrence Show") -- Here are some scenes from an episode of The Vicki Lawrence Show, where Vicki talks about the crinolines she wore as a girl and demonstrates same. VICKI LAWRENCE
1987-1995 FULL HOUSE --Still clip JODIE SWEETIN
1950-1958 GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN SHOW --Occasional fifties bouffant and shows of petti. Especially of note is 's character, "Bonnie Sue" (Ronnie Burns' girlfriend), who, more often than not, appears in extremely bouffant dresses. GRACIE ALLEN
1964-1967 GILLIGAN'S ISLAND -- Here is a cute dream sequence. DAWN WELLS
2000-present THE GILMORE GIRLS -- In one episode (14) of the first series, Rory dresses up like Donna Reed to give her boyfriend an old-fashioned wholesome dinner, with some gorgeous glimpses of her pettis.  (VARIED)
2009-present GLEE -- At least one episode contained a great dance number with pettis; also, Michele Lea, Christmas 2013   #2 (VARIED)
2019-present THE GOES WRONG SHOW -- BBC series.  Stills from episode 4    People in the UK can watch it on the BBC's iPlayer. BRYONY CORRIGAN
1990-1992 GROWING PAINS--Only one one instance of this series pays off, as far as we know. It portrays Chrissy (Ms. Johnson) in an extremely full and froufrou'ed beautiful party dress. The scene lasts for enough time to admire, especially after she throws herself on a couch, showing the lovely, frothy crinolines! Worth waiting for! ASHLEY SUZANNE JOHNSON
1955-1975 GUNSMOKE    Publicity & on-set pictures:  #1  #2  #3  #4
1974-1984 HAPPY DAYS -- Generally, a big disappointment, as the series takes place in the 50-60s.  Bouffant is nearly non-existent, but there are a few happy occasions, now and then. ERIN MORAN
1959-1963 HAWAIIAN EYE--Miss Stevens was "Cricket," famous on the show for her poufy full skirts. 
"Connie Stevens was on a talk show a few years ago, and I remember her saying that she wore full- skirted dresses as long as possible because she thought her hips were too wide and the dresses helped to cover it up! She also commented that when she was appearing as Cricket on Hawaiian Eye, teenage girls would show up on her doorstep seeking autographs in full petticoated dresses and ponytail hairdos, dressed like Cricket!" -
Commentary from a reader
HEE HAW--Short cute little pettis
1997-2000 HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS: THE TV SHOW -- In the episode "Honey, I'm Spooked", Miss Woods thinks
she's a 6-year old and wears a pretty pink dress with lots of netting underneath.     Stream
1951-1957 I LOVE LUCY    Series of pictures taken during filming of an episode LUCILLE BALL
1950-1965 THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM -- Occasional fifties bouffant and shows of petti. (VARIED)
???? JAMBOREE      Clip [UNKNOWN]
JANE BY DESIGN --  A young, still-in-school designer is shown in several outfits featuring petticoats. It's not an era-themed show, but current times.     YouTube preview and other episodes      ABC site     More ERICA DASHER
1992 JULIE  -- Variety show with occasional petti-shows. JULIE ANDREWS
1988-1990 JUST THE TEN OF US    Peter M. points out this vidclip: "I have always thought that this TV show (Christmas Story episode) had about the best petticoats I had ever seen on TV, certainly about the fullest! Nice white outer petticoats, with a red one under that. Take a look after 05:10. Nice when she sits down!" HEATHER LANGENKAMP
KIDS CBC         Grabs:   #1    #2    #3    #4     Vintage video (VARIED)
1984-1993 KIDS INCORPORATED -- This episode is good - lots of pettis! ('Two Sides to Every Story') STACY FERGUSON
KING OF QUEENS -- In an episode featuring the "Apple Princess", Ms. Remini is dressed in a delicious full, petticoat-displaying country girl dress. Also, a cute, ruffled, short full skirt in "Cologne Rangers."    Video clip
1993-PRESENT LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN --  Now and then,  Mr. Letterman's guests include some poufy guests, for instance, Amy Sedaris in January, 2005 (she has been there en pouf before!). (VARIED GUESTS)
1976-1983 LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY -- Occasional bright spots, such as this. and this. PENNY MARSHALL &
1955-1982 THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW --Now and then, hit and miss; also, note that the dancers wear straight slips under their pettis--Mr. Welk's idea of propriety!  Small picture  Then, of course, there are the sweet Lennon Sisters.

Alice Lon on Lawrence Welk! a Plymouth commercial

Anacani, the Latin dancer       Dancer Cissy King   Cissy and Bobby  Barbara and Bobbie     Video: Alice Lon  and  The Lennon Sisters

A refreshingly "candid picture, showing Lawrence Welk's daughter, attempting to pack her pettis for college!

A nice Lawrence Welk Vid-tid-bit       Another    ...and another

Petticoats & [straight] slips, a Lawrence Welk requirement of all the pretty dancing ladies there.  Tsk tsk, don't dare show
our panties on national TV!  Here are two examples:  #1  #2 

Clips from an unidentified episode   

1957-1963 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER -- Cast Easter portrait  This iconic TV series offered an occasional glimpse of June Cleaver's petticoat, and, now and then, little girl poufy party dresses!  At the end of the episode entitled "Beaver Finds a Wallet," Beaver's mother, June, wears a full, petticoated skirt, which is not her normal attire. [R.I.P. Barbara Billingsley (1915-2010)] BARBARA BILLINGSLEY
2003-2006 LESS THAN PERFECT  Out Takes (VARIED)
? LET'S DANCE     Billy Elliot the Musical feature video (VARIED)
1953-1961 LORETTA YOUNG SHOW a/k/a 'Letter to Loretta'& 'Loretta Young Theater' in reruns -- Famous for her entrances. LORETTA YOUNG
1969-1974 LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE   Sample: 'Love in the Old South' (starring Melissa Joan Hart) (A LARGE VARIETY)
1951-1957 I LOVE LUCY --Occasionally, the show featured 50s bouffant, with a treat now and then, of a visible petticoat.  One of the better episodes ('The French Revue') shows Lucy wearing a shirtwaist dress with a style that included a slit from bottom to waist, thus revealing an entire frilly petticoat peeking out in a triangle! LUCILLE BALL
1995-present MAD TV -- Vidclip Sample (VARIED)

MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY (known after 1957 as "The Danny Thomas Show")    Clips!       Site with stills

Very few episodes went by without irresistible little "Linda Williams" being picked up by her father, amidst a flurry of fluffy petticoats! She seemed to KNOW she was cute, with this wonderful smile!  More pictures of Miss Cartwright in the Celebrities in Petticoats section.

Also worth mentioning is Sherry Jackson (the older sister) from the early episodes. She was powerfully fetching in Bouffants -- and not just on this program. She guested on The Twilight Zone and on an early Dobie Gillis Show, both times in full skirted frocks. Then there was Marjorie Lord, the mom!

2000-2006 MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE --Specifically, the episode entitle "Ida's Dance" - very froufrou!     Still Clip    YouTube video (VARIED)
1983-1990 MAMA'S FAMILY -- Peeks of petti now and then. VICKI LAWRENCE

MARPLE: THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE (In two parts) -- Set in 1953...beautiful bouffant dresses!  

1955-1959 THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB -- Typical scenario Many of the vignettes and the Talent Day Roundup  featured full skirts. One of the best, though, was when the gorgeous Lennon Sisters appeared on the show in the most wonderful "teenage", full skirted, confections! Here are the Half Tones and Annette  Spanish dancers  Annette Ballet  Square dance  Doreen in tutu at 1:28  "Going on a Hayride" (lots of pettis!)  Linda Hughes en tutu           
Donna Loren sporting a VERY full skirt!   Roberta Shore, 1955.
..and a video of her singing "Love At First Sight")

Roberta Shore in a dance routine (1955)

When The Mickey Mouse Club made its debut on October 3, 1955, it became an instant phenomenon.
In this second season group number, the Mouseketeers are about to preview one of Disney's latest projects
It's Talent Round-up Day! This third season segment features Mouseketeer Linda Hughes in three different solo dance numbers:tap, ballet, and baton twirling. RECOMMENDED!!!
Helene Stanley was the live-action model and singing voice of Cinderella.  Here she performs a song with the help of the Mouseketeers.  Just the beginning, between 0:32 and 1:13  - very nice period dress!   Another feature, another episode-

1985-1990 MR. BELVEDERE -- Unexpected petticoat scene towards the end of one episode.  Starts at about 21:20 into the scene.
1961-1966 MISTER ED -- One particular scene is memorable   CONNIE HINES
2009-present MODERN FAMILY -- The 2013 Halloween episode yielded this cute video   Still    On-set:  #1    #2
2002-2009 MONK -- In episode 14, season 2 ('Mr. Monk and The Captain's Wife') there is a featured 50s rock dance; there is also a square dance in "Mr. Monk Visits a Farm" (season 5, episode 14) TRAYLOR HOWARD
2009 MORECAMBE AND WISE SHOW: The Show What Paul Merton Did    Stillclip JOANNA LUMLEY
1978-1982 MORK AND MINDY  -- Here is a clip from an a typical episode PAM DAWBER
2021 MURDER THEY HOPE -- Still from one of their skits (British murder/comedy series) SIAN SIBSON
MY BIG FAT AMERICAN GYPSY WEDDING -- Season 4    A second one     Site which focuses on the 2016 season   Unidentified season  #2 (VARIED)
MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING (in the UK)   Sample picture  A second one  Site, with more pictures of this huge gown
Cut of six of the complete TV program      Video
2011-present NEW GIRL -- At least one episode features Zooey en petti
1984-1992 NIGHT COURT -- One particular 1991episode       CATHY McAULEY
2013-2014 ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND -- Stills   #1   #2   #3
2010 OVER THE RAINBOW (in the UK) -- Andrew Lloyd Webber searches across the UK for new talent to appear in his new West End production of The Wizard of Oz.   Screen grabs  Video  Video #2   Video #3 (VARIED)
2009-present PARKS AND RECREATION   Stills from an episode
1959 PECK'S BAD GIRL     Still
1986-1991 PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE -- Miss Yvonne wears a very full petti all the time.     Video, Part 1          Part II   LYNNE MARIE STEWART
1957-1966 PERRY MASON -- She didn't wear them often enough, but when she DID--ooh-la-la! BARBARA HALE

PETTICOAT JUNCTION  Click here for images of the Bradley girls!! Gotta say that there are plenty of bouffant dresses!!
"Well worth seeing is the square dance routine performed by the three Bradley sisters in the second episode of season one and Billie Joe's terrific solo dance in the first season episode "The Talent Show" (March, 1964).  Billie Joe's square dance dress and petticoats flare out nicely, revealing her shapely legs and black panties very nicely.

Also, in an episode of early 60's series, The Nurses",  called "Party Girl", the wonderful Zina Bethune performs a wild party dance with
 a doctor in which she does an extended pirouette in her flaring early 60's party dress, with delightful results.  She also gets flipped over the doctor's shoulders during her routine, providing a very nice view indeed." -Dennis

Denise: "Petticoat Junction was always a fun TV show to watch, but this is one I don't remember!"   ED:  Probably the best we've seen!

Chris: "Take a look at the stills I got off a Petticoat Junction 3 DVD compilation (11 hours for around $40.) There are about 22 episodes. The first two disks are best and the ones featuring the pictures below (you will need your smelling salts for these!). The company selling the set is Movies Unlimited in Philadelphia."       


Jeannine Riley................ (1963-1965)

Gunilla Hutton................ .(1965-1966)

Meredith MacRae............ (1966-1970)

Pat Woodell..... .............. (1963-1965)

Lori Saunders........ ......... (1965-1970)

Linda Kaye.... ................. (1969-1970)

2006 PRINCESS, PRINCESS D - TV Series in Japan, available on DVD-- Boys in a boys school are required to dress as poufy girls for a year to alleviate tension between the students.   YouTube videos  Stillclips (VARIED)
1953-1957 PRIVATE SECRETARY (aka "Susie")-- We'd certainly all like a secretary like Susie McNamara! ANN SOTHERN
1999-2002 PROVIDENCE-- In a Halloween episode ('Trick or Treat', episode: #3.2 - 27 October 2000,  Ms. Cale is dressed as Little Bo Peep and she is shown trying to fool around with her date in the back seat amongst a flurry of pettis. PAULA CALE
2007-2008 PUSHING DAISIES-- Ms. Friel often wears 50's style dresses, including petticoats (especially in the first four episodes).  ANNA FRIEL
1989-2013 QUANTUM LEAP  Time travel, many times to the Fifties!   From "Good Morning Peoria" episode:   #1   #2      Also see Season 3, episode 6 , "Miss Deep South"  Many 1958 Boufies (VARIED)
1984 THE RATINGS GAME--  French maid in the episode entitled 'Sittin' Pretty'   Stream RHEA PERMAN
1957-1963 THE REAL McCOYS-- Hassie, now and then, frocked pouf-illy! LYDIA REED
2001-present  REBA-- On episode saw Miss Garcia in a French maid's outfit. JOANNA GARCIA
THE RELIC HUNTER-- Especially the episode "The Myth of the Maze" (part 2)  Stream - [Skip to 4:50...]  ... a flash of pettis when Ms. Carrere's trying on dresses and also snippets of Lindy Booth's pettis at an outdoor cocktail party.
1988-1997 ROSEANNE-- In Episode 19 in the 4th series of Roseanne, grungy Darlene had to put on a cute dress to appear in a TV ad, which had a nice little petticoat. SARA GILBERT

RONNI ANCONA & CO.  Stillclip

2009-present RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE    Sample (season six contestant) (VARIED)
1975-present SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE-- Skit with Patrick Swayze doing a take-off on Dirty dancing? It was called, "Dirty Square Dancing". It was as hot as it was funny!    JACQUELINE BEER
1955-1956 SCREEN DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE-- Occasional fifties bouffant (VARIED)
1998 THE SECRET DIARY OF DESMOND PFEIFFER-- If you like Civil War hoops with your comedy. CINDY AMBUEHL
1982-1983 SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS -- Lots of "Western" pettis here! JOAN KJAR
1958-1964 77 SUNSET STRIP -- Era bouffant   Vidclip


1998-2004 SEX AND THE CITY -- We had never really watched this series, but many have advised her in the past that there is some bouffant apparent now and then.  Well, after watching the final three episodes, she will be looking at the reruns with high expectations:
Third-to-last episode:
Sarah Jessica Parker not only wears a beautiful peach prom-type  dress, but a an incredibly full, many-layered, feathered, gold and gray ballgown! Last episode:  First, we see Ms. Parker in an off-red sundress with white polka-dots, and peeking out form  underneath was a pale blue petti (NICE combo!).   This outfit is sworn for a long period of time, and the petti is shown quite well, particularly when she lift up the skirt during an attempt to clean her shoe, having stepped into something on the Paris streets; later, when she sits on some steps they are  fully revealed once more.
Later, we see her in a light teal poufy tulle cocktail dress for an extended period time as well, twice on the floor in disarray!
Finally, the last scene show her in a tan bouffant print dress, showing a white petti -- as the series ends.  An apt farewell!                                        
2005-present SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE   Jazz dancer Charlie Bruce in a UK episode (VARIED)
1990-long lasting STARS IN THEIR EYES -- Dara: "Members of the  British public came on to impersonate celebrities.  These two clips show impersonations of Brenda Lee and Benny Hill. The dancers costumes in the Benny Hill clip are extraordinary.  Presumably meant to be depictions of the British 1970s housewife (when Ernie the milkman plied his trade!)."   Brenda Lee  (from 3:40)      Benny Hill   (from 5:00) (VARIED)
1991-1998 STEP BY STEP (Poufy poodle skits featured at the 50s diner the family owns, notably in these two episodes:) 
                             "The Boss"  Part 1 [4:15 - 5:30; 8:28 - End of the episode]   Part 2  [Beginning Of Episode - 1:35; 5:21 - 7:20]
                             "Sister Act"  Part 1 [4:11 - 7:11]   Part 2 [2:40 - 3:08]
1956-1960 THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW -- Many bouffanted stars of The Era, including Georgia Gibbs (VARIED)
2006-present STRICTLY COME DANCING -- Examples:   #1   #2  #3  #4  #5  Christmas Day Special 2008 
West Side Story number   #1  #2 (Alesha Dixon)     More stills:  #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6
#7  #8      Video   #2   #3   #4   #5  More
2008-present THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK -- At least one episode features a square dance with plenty of pettis DEBBY RYAN  &
1989 TALES FROM THE CRYPT -- Now and then a crispy crinie! (VARIED)
1966-1971 THAT GIRL -- Specifically, "The Eye Of The Beholder" from the third season--the prologue and the first act. The outfit, it's sort of a late-'60's updated version of a bouffant, with a dazzling full skirt and a pretty scarf to go with it. It certainly impressed Guy!  If anyone has a clip or still, we would LOVE to see it! MARLO THOMAS
1998 THAT SEVENTIES SHOW -- Ms. Kunis gets a job promoting cheese in a mall wearing a delightful milk-maid outfit. If you buy the 4th box set, it's well worth it; she wears the outfit in several episodes.  Also, there is an episode where as very full square dance dress is shown (a stillclip also included). MILA KUNIS
THAT'S SO RAVEN -- In one episode, Raven has a dream that she is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Her Dorothy outfit is rather beautiful and the petticoats she has underneath is astounding.      Another stillclip RAVEN SYMONÉ  
1952-1961 THIS IS YOUR LIFE -- Era fashions included plenty of pettis on guests.  Example  (VARIED)
1977-1984 THREE'S COMPANY -- One episode finds Miss DeWitt in a cute maid's outfit. JOYCE DeWITT &
1991-1992 THE TORKELSONS -- Sit-com with varied petti-appearances RACHEL DUNCAN
THE TWILIGHT ZONE -- Very occasional bouffant, mainly because the series was filmed in the fifties.  The episode, "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" is a particularly good example.
1996-2001 THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN -- Don't know if this cast picture reflects what is in the episodes
2017 TWIN PEAKS      VidClips:   #1   #2   #3 SHERYL LEE
1955 VALUE FOR MONEY -- Diana Dors' appearance was exciting DIANA DORS
1996 THE VICKI LAWRENCE SHOW  (a/k/a "Fox After Breakfast") -- Here are some scenes from an episode of
The Vicki Lawrence Show, where Vicki talks about the crinolines she wore as a girl and demonstrates same.
1981-2011 WETTEN, DASS... -- From Thomas Gottschalk's farewell party from the Wetten, dass... show in 2011, a successful Saturday evening format on German TV for the last 3 decades! Thomas has mastered the show a 150 times in 24 years. All of a sudden, co-showmaster Ms. Hunziker showed up in a lovely dress, in which Ponders will certainly be interested! As Thomas has a passion for fancy dress-ups, the scattered images on stage show him in the 150 outfits he wore throughout the years. Not visible on any pictures I found is a special twist of the dress: It has a tight underskirt that shows Thomas together with Michael Jackson... on Michelle's butt!"   #1  #2  #3  #4  #5     Vidclip MICHELLE HUNZIKER
1969 WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT, WORLD? --  A truly dreadful variety hour, but it did feature some use of petticoats from time to time. One of the series regulars was a girl called Happy Hollywood and who performed as Shirley Temple each week.      Video sample (VARIED)
1998-present THE WIGGLES -- Australian children's entertainment group (VARIED)
1998-present WILL AND GRACE -- Only in two instances does this series pay off, as far as we know. Grace is in a black lacy crinoline under a full skirt  (It is shown a lot).  The episode was "Grace Moves Across the Hall").  In "Crouching Father, Hidden Husband," she is see in a white petti under a red dress. DEBRA MESSING
Pertinent episodes on YouTube - "The Dollhouse" (at :47)   "Dancing with Angels - The Beauty Contest"    (here on PP)

Raymond O.: A few episodes back, the two older wizards turned their younger brother Max into a ten year old girl and haven't been able to reverse the spell.  A subplot deals with their parents entering 'Maxine' in a little girl's beauty pageant; the outfit she wears is a pink cowgirl's.  A red, full petticoat extends about 3 or 4 inches below the hem of the skirt.  (season 4, episode 8)
1950-1961 YOU BET YOUR LIFE -- Groucho may not be pretty petti sight, but some of his contestants surely were! (CONTESTANTS)
and contestants
1950-1954 YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS -- Sid Caesar's famous show. with plenty of bouffant! IMOGENE COCA & NANETTE FABRAY
2004-present X FACTOR (UK) -- "Little Mix" contestant group (2011 season) VARIED, NOW AND THEN

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