Petticoats and Crinolines on The Tube
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Please take notice: These productions mostly contain lovely visions of bouffant skirts, particularly of the 50's style, and might show peeks of petticoats.
Very few show full petti-views (these will be noted). We are also now adding productions which feature classic crinolines and petticoat as well. You might
also review the corsetfilm list located at here.

Many of the corset-era productions show gowns and petticoats as well!

Any rating comments obviously refer to the quality of the show vis-ā-vis frou-frou

If you think something is missing--tell us!

Note: All clips available here are for review purposes only, presented in order to entice the viewer to purchase the film in its entirety.
All copyrights are respected. 

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German Television

Latin Films on TV

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(above right)  Screen shot from an episode

A nice candid autographed picture of
the Petticoat Junction cast





(above) Out-takes?  [Click for larger]

(above) On the Ed Sullivan Show

Here's a great episode ('Honeymoon Hotel') with the girls in true Era dresses at a wedding. Swooonnn"!     

VHS or CD cover from the series,

Sent by
John N.


German Television

"Gitti und Erika, a popular German folkmusic act. The picture on the right is from a  program in 1990s. They don't dress quite so nicely these days, especially when they on mainstream programs. There are dozens of regular "Volksmusik Programmes" and pretty petticoats on German television. They used to be better a few years ago but there are plenty of repeats of old shows and programs that show clips of old shows when the costume were more "petticoatful".

The highlight of the German TV calendar is "Karneval." They have hundreds of programs featuring, "Tanzmariechen", "Tanzpaar", "Prinzengarde", "Tanzgarde" and "Funkengarde."  The outfits look like an elaborate majorettes, many with short skirts poufed out by pretty little pettis.

The dance routines seemed designed to alert the viewer to the fact they wear frilly knickers, or ruffled panties to Americans.






Think of the Karneval as the frilly knickers festival  It's great. The German cameramen are to be applauded for their inventive camera shots, and terrific angles, such as low down looking straight up some pretty young Fraulein's skirt!"

(Compliments of Rhino)

Latin films on Television

A few years ago, Tessy received a video from an avid Pond fan with many excerpts of Latin films on it, mostly Mexican.  In one case, the film portrayed a happy summer party with a myriad of 50s-styled petti-ed dresses on a myriad of pretty girls.  Shelley was kind enough to render some frames for our enjoyment.  With that, we present them to you!  Wish we knew the title!

From a visitor: "On YouTube I discovered the Mexican telenovela Amor Real.  The background of the series are the Mexican revolutionary uprisings in the 1860`s and, of course, many elaborate crinoline dresses are shown. I picked up a scene, when the heroine is getting dressed with a corset and a simplified crinoline-petticoat. Watch: Amor Real Cap 26 (4/4), Start at 4:32. Maybe there are more eye-catching moments."  

Special: Cirque Du Soleil: Alegria

A video from EuroVision 1959

          Frame at right





BBC personalities Fearne Cotton (R)
and Alex Jones promo photos for
BBC Baking for Children in Need

From Nancy N.      Source




The Wicked Sissy:

"I had downloaded the first episode of the new season (7) in 2017 of 'Once Upon A Time,' and was watching this morning, only to see the wonderful of sights: 'Cinderella,' was thrown from her carriage, (Don't worry, she was not injured) in an absolutely beautiful dress, head-over-heels. In the process, I was treated to the sight of her crinolines from underneath. (Her modesty remained intact, as I was unable to see anything but crinies and her dress.

"Here is the best picture I could snap from the program, but I'm sure someone more skilled than I could get a better one.  I believe the whole incident takes place from 2:34 to 2:44, but my version doesn't have commercials, so I cant be completely sure."

Crinolyn has sent the pertinent vidclip for us to enjoy.



Nancy N.:

Some more promo photos from BBC Children in Need campaign, this time  with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Danielle Lloyd as the Mouse and Jorgie Porter as Alice.  






Video footage from a show broadcast in 1956 on former East German television:
East German pop singers Baerbel Wachholz and Helga Brauer perform their song
'Die Nacht ist viel zu schön'.

Click on frame





Jean L. points to this still clip from a
French documentary dealing with virginity



A video from a 2014 PBS offering:

In this excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary Las Marthas, it's two days before this U.S.-Mexico border version of a Colonial ball, a tradition like no other, as participating debutantes practice entrances and bowing while wearing their cumbersome gowns. Rosario is nervous about all the details she has to remember as a newcomer to the tradition, while maintaining grace under pressure.  Frame at right.




Nancy N.

Hairspray (the musical) was produced live on network TV,
airing on NBC, 7 Dec 16. Dove Cameron and Kristin Chenoweth starred.

Source     ED:  Wow! GREAT dress, but we have said this before:
 Bouffant pettis in this show are an anachronism (poetic license, we presume).


Paul B.:

"A still clip taken from the latest series of Dr Who, an episode entitled 'The Magician's Apprentice', in which actress Michelle Gomez plays a character called 'Missy'. She is in Victorian style costume and is letting her petticoats show whilst sat down although when
she's standing her petticoats only peep slightly below the skirt hem."



Paul B.:  BBC's Bargain Hunt

"One of the contestant's on the [19 Nov] programme was wearing a pink fluffy petticoat under her skirt that was constantly showing below the hem by a couple of inches. Naturally a totally delightful programme to watch simply because of that. The first part of the programme shows the contestants picking three items from various stalls to
sell at auction on a later date. The second part is at the auction house where she wears a different skirt but still
the same fluffy petti showing a couple of inches. The end of the programme all the contestants and hosts link arms and kick one leg in the air. This resulted in a lot of petti flying about!"


 Jörg writes:
"Here is the March 21, 1968 Radio Times with COME DANCING on the cover.
On the inner pages I found the two small black & white images." 



The show was called 321 - it was a sort of convoluted themed game  show; the presenter was a Ted Rogers. There is maybe an episode  on
YouTube featuring the singer and actress Susan Maugham, singing 'Bobby's Girl' -  very poufily attired in a bouffant blue dress; worth a look. 
Crinolyn sends us the video. 


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