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You can't get more authentic! From the city of lights! The 1950's! The Moulin-Rouge! (And sexier costumes than they have nowadays, even in Gay Paris!) Cancan doesn't get better than this!


Nancy N. offers three fine
Moulin Rouge Dancers samples (late 1950s)

MANY more here    


Faux cancan
John N.  


Unidentified actress
in an unidentified film

From John N.


John N.:

Modern cancan at the Moulin Rouge. Unusual in the sense that they appear to be petticoats, not just ruffles on the inside of the skirt; MUCH more exciting!

Of course, ALL the 'layers' could be sewn onto the underside of the skirt; then all is moot.

Black Diamonds cancan costume

From Abby Rhodes


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