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David M.:

"I think this image epitomises ‘fifties femininity’ although clearly recently photographed."

Ed:  Oh, it is surely special!


 From Kristi, an image
that cannot be denied:

Simply feminine...
...incorporating the mysteries
to which mere men are not privy


Might be x-rated,
but we might all realize it
belongs in this area.

Beautiful! Kind of leaves one breathless...

Sent by


We imagine that many of us who put women on a pedestal would be enthusiastic about this picture

From Jean L.


'Softly, as I swing you...'

(With apologies to writers
Shaper, Calabrese & Devita)

From Jean L.     


A little elfin,




Now here's one that we can
all put our hearts into! 
What an adorable scenario!
So... FEMALE!  <sigh>


Jean L. points to this
"wonderfully feminine

As the Brits say, 'smashing!'

Samples here
(R) Unidentified painting
by Konstantin Razumov


This, sent by Kristi, kind of represents that element
of the
ballerina that is salient in our minds.


This a bit peripheral, but certainly in the spirit of The Pond.  We just couldn't resist posting this - so femininely enveloping, so serene, so, well, emblematic of what many of us feel heaven would be like.

"Please Don't Ever Wake Me Up" by 'Oodanielaoo'

From Jean L.












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