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(below) FROM LISA: "Below is a postcard bought in either Majorca or Tenerif. It is probably somewhere between 15 and 25 years old (I can't be sure!) I can't give
credit as my Spanish is lousy !!! The postcard company is :- SAVIR of BARCELONA, the number on it is 304 - 'Andalusian Dance' (but this may mean nothing)."

(below) Ian has found some Flamenco (properly, 'Spanish') ballet...from this link: ht

(below) Fabulous flamenco coasters from Gil!  Click to enlarge...


Some wonderful Spanish dancers, circa 1956
From Ian

Click picture for larger 




Spanish dancers "taking a break"
...from a postcard from the Minolta
Tower in Niagara Falls. 


We would love to see her in action!







Flamenco, 1956

From Jean L.  

Certain Spanish dance gowns (flamenco, notably)
are essentially mermaid gowns!

From Crinolyn 


A lovely flamenco skirt, 1970

From Crinolyn     



(below) 'Captain Marno' has provided this delicious photoshoot, featuring a Spanish dancer, possibly Flamenco:
The details are delightful!



These great shots of a Spanish dancer gown were provided by Stephen K.:
Not all Spanish dancing is Flamenco, but all Flamenco is Spanish dancing.



A bevy of petticoats!
Spanish dancers are always good for it

(L) 'Take this Dance'
(R) 'Would You Care to Have This Dance?', both by Tionnahemcrae

Sent by Jean L. 


Ken R.:

"Here is a publicity photo highlighting two members of Jose Greco’s dance company. The women sport beautiful layered gowns. The back of this photo, from 1965. shows the photo is promoting their new 'Flamenco-Gypsy Program.'  It’s from the Cleveland Press, so the program could have been playing in the Cleveland area. "


Dave Barber sends four pictures of Spanish dancers (1971 postcards)

(right) Bodice of bright abstract design in cotton, into brilliant yellow paper nylon tiered skirt. Petticoats under of red paper nylon

Comments always welcome

(below) Bodice of black silk jersey into a really stunning skirt of brilliant orange paper nylon with black paper nylon petticoats




(above left) Bodice of white cotton with red and blue spots in to a ruffled skirt of white cotton with red spots and blue spots. Petticoats under of brilliant red paper nylon.

(Below four) Reminiscent of Spanish dance dresses: [All can be enlarged]

David Barber:

"Flamenco stuff: The picture at right is me, taken way back in 1971 (aged 27 then) at a fantastic small night club in Benidorm, resort Spain. It was like a medium-sized  private house, the club name, La Cancian Del Mar.  The floor show was wonderful - two girls, one man and guitarist.  The girl dancer with me was the main star, Mary Milagros, the other was Loli Calvo.  Mary had several dresses she wore for her performance, one of course very spectacular with a long train skirt, which she kicked out from behind. This dress shown here, sorry if a little invisible, was in black lace, the bodice lined in satin, into a 3 tier ruffled knee length skirt.  At the time my camera had run out of film; luckily I managed to record some of her other dresses, but sadly not this one.  However, the skirt of it was very noisy, this due to the spectacular skirt linings. They were of a very stiff. and thickish paper taffeta or paper nylon, all tier ruffled, and tiny ruffles on each tier edge, in brilliant glow poppy red. Quite a few flamenco dresses at the time had paper taffeta skirts, so what with the linings, also paper taffeta, the noise was incredible. The other dancer, Loli, had one like that, in pink with black spots, lined in black and a second layer in white ruffles. I met her too and she let me rustle it also.  

 After the show, I had the delightful privilege of meeting Mary, and she was more than happy to show me her flamenco dresses, and let me rustle some of the skirts. They felt wonderful, and the rustle noises were almost deafening, as the paper taffeta ruffle linings rubbed each other.  Mary also rubbed together, my favourite dress of hers, black with a floral design, and brilliant glow orange paper nylon linings.  The paper nylon screamed-rustled, " You like, Si?" she said with a smile, "Sexy Si?", I nodded in total agreement.  Most of Mary` dresses were knee length, with a spectacular to-the-floor one.  These days, sadly, they do not use paper nylon linings (which, by the way, they call 'can can') in flamenco dresses, due to the fact the dance steps have now changed, and the dress fabrics are more fluid and softer, so the real beauty of flamenco is revealed.  However they may still use paper nylon linings in traditional flamenco dresses - be most pleased to hear from anyone who knows this still is the case.  

The picture at left  is from a holiday brochure for 1970.  Note the matching spectacular skirt linings in the yellow and green dresses, all paper nylon. The dancing couple, in the black and white picture are the famous UK flamenco duo Dalephine & Domingo, dating from 1974."




Ken R. sends this kinetic picture
 from Cinco de Mayo. 2015

These great shots of a Spanish dancer gown were provided by Stephen K.:
Not all Spanish dancing is Flamenco, but all Flamenco is Spanish dancing.




'Flamenco' from
this site


David H. points to
this site of interest.

Extraordinary petticoats!


Mexican dance poufiness

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