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"See-through" dresses


Trying on pettis in The Era (1956)

Cleaned up and optimized by Sylvia Marie

John V.: "The woman on the right in this picture is my mother, June Engelmeyer - VanTilburg trying on a petticoat at a store called Tow Bari at Cherry Hill and Outer Drive in Dearborn Michigan.  The story is that she agreed to have dinner with the Life photographer that took that picture.  I hope he wasn't the Harvey Weinstein type. Thanks for keeping history alive."



Ah! Sweet youth!
Splendor in the grass!--classic #1 -- Contributed by "Peekup"
These crinies were make for lounging!--classic #2 -- Contributed by "Peekup"
Old fashioned petti-fun on the "Caterpillar", a 1950s roller coaster with an arched canvas top which slowly descended on
          the riders. At one point, a strong gush of air from high-velocity fans under the tracks would blow up the gals' skirts for the
         world to see!
-- Contributed by "Neil" (remembrances by Crinolyn and Sylvia Marie)
Tessy thinks that any one of us would take great delight if we had met this lady on the tennis courts! --Contributed by Sue Estelle
Sit down for this one! --Contributed by "Al"
A delicious froth of pettis! (Erin O'Brien) --Contributed by "Voluminous" This has now been reworked and expanded . ddccccccccccqqqqqqqqqqqqqqcccccqqqqqqqqqqqccc[Updated 2/10/98]
A picture from the July 23, 1957 issue of Look magazine, showing three girls posing and pulling up their skirts to proudly display their petticoats. Photographed by Archie Lieberman on the step of Little Rock Central High School just before the famous Civil Rights confrontation there. The girls are named (l to r): Sandra, Jane and Roberta (wonder where they are  today). --Contributed by "Voluminous"        Colorized version by Walt
Ida Lupino (as director) in the 1950s.
The stockings, the froufrou, the memories! --Contributed by Bettina
1958 Scrapbook (Festival Queen)--Contributed by Donna Leanne
Every once in a while, Tessy come across a very special picture which just gnaws at her heart and soul, making her wish that those times were back and the youth portrayed were hers. This charming picture is shared with all my Poufbunnies, knowing YOU'LL understand. Let me know what you think--I did the best I could to restore it (It is from a scan). --Contributed by Eleanor, who has made our day! I am sure it has affected her as such as me. <sigh> (Enhanced by Mark)n nnnnnnnnnnnnnv vvvvvvc                                                                                                          vvvvvvv gh [Posted 9/30/97]
Everyone's doin' the Loop-de-Loop!--Contributed by Eugenie vvvdcccccc|v vin [Posted 11/30/97]
Perfect and lovely coordination vvvd vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvccccc  cvi|||v| [Posted 12/3/97]
Strolling the Seine, we turned a corner! <sigh> --Contributed by Janet vvvd vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnvvvvvvvv  vv [Posted 1/17/98]

Micael writes: "Thanks to Janet for the wonderful PARIS.JPG: I often cross the Seine, and I recall George Brassens' song "Si Par Hazard Sur le Pont des Arts" - "Be Careful of your Petticoat Because of the Wind".

Fetching femininity. From Picture Post --late 40, early 50s --Contributed by Janet vvvd vccccccczzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxvvvvv   ivvv[Posted 1/28/98]
Caught in a lonely place--Contributed by Lilav vd vvvbbbbbbbvvvvvvbbbb   bbb||[Posted 2/5/98]
4 shots, probably one of the early publications like "Beautiful Britons"v cc  c[Posted 2/28/98] 
A small treat for us all! So delightful, so delightful <sigh> From "Picture Post" --late 40, early 50s. --Contributed by Janet ccccccccccccc||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||cccccccccccccccccc                                                                                                       cc[Posted1/28/98]
From LIFE ("Fashion-Dancing School Dresses"). Taken at Lester Lanin's Dance School
        --Contributed by Jackie
                                     ORE L ||||||||||||IKE TVVVVVH                                                                           [Posted 7/4/98]
From The Fifties (We can imagine what it might have been like to be 'en bouffant' on a day-to-day basis)
         --Contributed by ManuelavccMORE LK|| |||IS|fffffffff|||||||| |||||||||||                                                                                               ||[Posted 11/23/98]
British?---Contributed by Lila Frillyv|||||||||||||||cMOR||||||||||||||||| LK|| |||IS|||||||||||||||||||||||||                                                                |||||||[Posted 1/19//99]
Lost dreams---Contributed by Crinolynv||||||||||||ccMOR||||||||||||||||| LK|| |||IS||||||||||||||||||                                                               ||||||[Posted 7/13/99]
Here's a common sight from the good ole days, and the reason we all spent so much time in the back of Woolworth's
        (I know, checking for ironing board covers, right? <g>). Should make any Poufbunny over a certain age check his pulse
        ---Contributed by John c|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||ccccccccccccccccccccccccccc                             cc[Posted 7/2//98]       
From the days when one didn't have to go to a square dance to see what you saw at a square dance <sigh>
---Contributed by Johnv||||||||||||cMOR||| LK|| |||IS|||||||||||||||                                                                                                    |||||   ||||[Posted 7/9/99]
Wendy, a can-can stripper from Kansas City --- Contributed by Evalyn||               |[Posted 9/1/99]
Ricky Nelson and admirers---Contributed by Johnv||||||||||||| LK|| |||IS||||||||||||||||||||    ||||[Posted 10/22/99]
A elegant display from yesteryear---Contributed by Stephanie Bethv||||||||||||||||||    ||||[Posted 10/26/99]
Mother and daughter in black and white---Contributed by Don      v||||||||||||||| |||    ||||[Posted 11/13/99]
Anything changed?                                     v||||||||||||||| |||                                       |||[Posted 12/28/99]
Demure---Contributed by "Voluminous"                                                v||||||||||||||| |||    ||||[Posted 5/8/00]
Friday night dance---Contributed by Chiffon                             v|||||||||||||||                     [Posted 9/7/00]
From 1955, a very well constructed & fitted all-in-one about to feel the caress of a pretty petti.  Note the bow on the
---Contributed by "KJB"     |||||||||||                                                                                                                                [Posted 9/12/00]
"This is an ad in a gadget catalog I get now and then. Of course, ain't no doll as well known as Barbie, but to get a picture
         of her with her crinoline showing is rather unique to me."
 ---Contributed by Denise                                  ||||||                     [Posted 9/10/00]
  A picture to touch the heart!                                                                                                                                                 h  [Posted 10/11/00]
Hall School in Bridgeport, CT in 1959 --Contributed by Larry                                                                             [Posted 5/9/01]
From a brochure handed out at Dollywood Amusement Park in Pigeon Forge, TN---Contributed by Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Posted 8/25/01]
From a 1952 magazine---Contributed by Otto                                                                                                                     [Posted 9/24/01]
Siegel's Department Store in Detroit, Michigan (1957)---Contributed by "KJB"                                                         [Posted 9/12/01]

From Teen Magazine, June, 1955---Contributed by John                                                                                                 [Posted 10/27/01]

  Shopping for pettis in the golden era! Oh! To have been there! --Contributed by Stan                 [Posted 11/01]
Class pictures are always fun, especially when the pettis show!--Contributed by John                                            [Posted 11/24//01]
Christmas formal (1959)---Contributed by John                                v||||||||||||||| |||    ||||[Posted 12/7/01]
Now, these dresses are SPECIAL---Contributed by Stanvvvvvccccc  cvi|||v|       [Posted 12/13/02]
"Merry Widow" and petti!---Contributed by Sarah                                v||||||||||||| ||    |[Posted 12/19/01]
Intimate!---Contributed by Van Damm                                                    v||||||||||||| ||    |[Posted 12/21/01]
1950s Jitterbug contest---Contributed by Crinolyn                                           v     |[Posted 12/26/01]
A lady planning a trip - en bouffant we hope!                                            v     |[Posted 12/28/01]
Standing in line behind this gal was most likely delightful---Contributed by John                                                        v     |[Posted 1/11/02]
A photo from the Book Aachen, published in 1961. The photo shows three young ladies at a thermal-
       water fountain in Aachen-Burtscheid, Germany
--Contributed by Virginia                                                                                    [Posted 1/15/02]
From the University of New Hampshire Library Special Collections --Contributed by Gunnar                                                                      [Posted 1/19/02]
A balloon./sack dress!---Contributed by Crinolyn                                           v                                                                      |[Posted 3/15/02]
Record-playing time!---Contributed by Brian                                                  v                                                                      |[Posted 3/22/02]
Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania Christmas formal, 1959  (Remember the word
- Compliments of Gunnar                                                                                                    [Posted 4/6/02]
Did they know what they had?---Contributed by Ian                                      v                                                                       |[Posted 5/7/02]
One lucky baby (on one lucky babe)!---Contributed by "Voluminous"                                                                                    [Posted 6/15/02]
Evonne showing off ---Contributed by Ian                                                                                                                                [Posted 7/1/02]
This one will make you sigh! Probably not even from the Golden Era of the 50s - more like the 60s
       (1963-1973), that wretched decade, when our last visions of heaven left the scene.
---Contributed by Ian
   Two shots of Ann Sidney of the United Kingdom, Miss World 1964, en froufrou!  --- Contributed by John                                                                                                                                                                                                         [Posted 7/22/02]

Joe A. writes:

"This picture of Ann Sydney was taken by the late Vic Blackman, a press photographer for one of the large British papers, who also wrote a weekly column in a photo magazine. About twenty years ago he published his memories in a book called "Naff Off" (Apparently, what Princess Ann once
asked him to do!). In the book, he wrote that one of his favourite types of glamour shots was a "Jump For Joy", which involved a pretty girl leaping in
the air wearing a can-can petticoat. The camera was shooting  from a low angle, and the subsequent display of frilly petticoats added to the charm of
the shot. He wrote that when he came to photograph Miss World, he planned to take a "Jump For Joy" shot, but alas, she had no petticoats with her. So he asked his assistant to remove the petticoat she was wearing, and lend it to Miss World! Apparently he took quite a few of these "Jump for Joy" shots in his career. On another occasion, again when the subject had no petticoat with her, he went to a large department store and bought one.
After the photo shoot, he gave the petticoats to his wife as a gift. Can anyone trace anymore of his photos?

1960 Miss America finalists - Today's pageant dresses are housedresses by comparison!    
         ---Contributed by Crinolyn                                                                                                                                                        [Posted 7/13/02]
Pleats!                                                                                                                                                                                  [Posted 7/6/02]
A gorgeous 50s confection! ---Contributed by Stephen K.                      |                                                      [Posted 3/22/02]
When did they loose their innocence?---Contributed by "Voluminous"                                                                                [Posted 11/21/02]
1953 Plymouth (but who's looking at the car?)                                                                                                                 [Posted 1/14/03]
1955 Miss Universe en froufrou---Contributed by Crinolyn                                                                                                    [Posted 2/11/03]
A sweet dress from the April, 1965 edition of Seventeen. Petticoated dresses were even apparent THAT late.                                                                                                                                                                                                          [Posted 5/20/03]


A close black silk jersey top over a taffeta skirt
Compliments Stephen K.




SUMMER 1956 -

is she gazing into
The Pond?

Courtesy Ian





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